1899 Newspapers of the Jesmer Clan in Minnesota

What Was Happening With The Jesmer Clan in Minnesota in 1899?

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1-12-1899: H.Bert Jesmer is the lieutenant of the knights of the Pythians, a service group.

2-4-1899: Cornwall Ontario Jesmers visiting Princeton Minnesota Jesmers. Captain John Jesmer and his wife visited Princeton. They would be visiting until 3-23-1899.

2-16-1899: Nelson E. Jesmer opens up another general merchandise store in Spence Brook Minnesota. It is co-managed by his son, Roy Jesmer.

Spencer Brook is an unincorporated community in Spencer Brook Township, Isanti County, Minnesota, United States. Isanti County Roads 7 and 40 are two of the main routes in the community. Spencer Brook is located between Bradford and Princeton. The Rum River and Spencer Brook both flow through the community.,_Minnesota

By 1920’s the businesses were in decline. Today it is nearly a ghost town. But a good community to open up a new store in.

3-2-1899: Lola Jesmer is hosting a party in Princeton MN.

3-9-1899: H.B. Jesmer (Nelson e. Jesmer’s son) announces the birth of a baby girl.

3-23-1899: Farmers are hauling their potatoes to a place called Spencer Brook.

3-23-1899: Harvey Robideau, the 14 year old son of Louis Robideau spit his toe with an axe.

3-23-1899: Free, 160 acres plots of land were being offered in Western Canada. However, the government is actually giving away Native land for free. How would you feel about that?

5-18-1899: Part of Joseph A. Jesmer’s farm is being put on shares. “Crop share is considered a flexible farm land rental agreement where the landowner and tenant split the income from crops being grown on the farm in a pre-established ratio or percentage.” Joseph is in his 60’s and his sons don’t want to farm. He is trying to make the best of things by leasing out his land.

5-25-1899: William Kaliher is running a barbershop in the basement of the Carew building. He is Nelson A. Jesmer’s brother-in-law.

6-1-1899: Louis Jesmer’s wife is visiting relatives in Minneapolis.

6-1-1899: A surprise fiftieth birthday party for Nelson E. Jesmer in Princeton. 35 people show up to celebrate.

6-1-1899: Sidney Jesmer, Nelson A. Jesmer’s brother, is building in Greenbush.

7-13-1899: 5 year old son of Nelson Robideaux gets kicked in the face by a horse.

8-10-1899: Nelson E. Jesmer’s son, Hiram takes over the store in Spence Brook.

8-17-1899: Louis Jesmer is entertain people at his home.

10-26-1899: A social evening at the Knights of Pythians Lodge. Hiram Bert attended.

10-27-1899: The husband of the late Eunice Jesmer, Emmanuel G. Waldhoff, remarries with Hilda Kreasal. Eunice was Nelson A. Jesmer’s sister.

What was happening in Nelson Adulphus Jesmer’s Life in 1899?

Jan., 1899     Nelson was living in Langdon ND.

1/3/1899     Nephew, Sidney Jesmer was born to Joseph A. Jesmer lll.

February 4, 1899 – Philippine American War (formerly called the Philippine Insurrection)


2/9/1899   Wife and children left Hibbing to go to Langdon ND.

10/1899   Niece, Marion E. Jesmer was born to Joseph A. Jesmer lll.

1900   “By the turn of the century, Langdon was a bustling community.”

The fact that Nelson Adulphus Jesmer was indicted on 2nd degree grand larceny charges, meant that his life in local politics was over in Hibbing Minnesota. He could not continue with what had become a major passion in his life. So in order to make a new beginning, the forty two year old Nelson did what he had done in the past, after five years in Hibbing he decided to pack his bags to go on ahead of his wife, Jennie, and four children, (Herbert, Ida, Carl and Harvey), to another pioneering community, Langdon North Dakota.

What was Happening in the Life of Hubert Jesmer, Nelson’s youngest sibling, in 1899?

At 15 years old, Hubert sees the USA declaring war on Cuba. There are Minnesota young men volunteering to go to war in the Philippines. Going to war could have been a way to taste adventure and get off the farm and experience world travel. This could have left an impression on Hubert, because later in life he would volunteer for the Canadian army and spend several years fighting in Europe, leaving his own young family behind.

Hubert Jesmer is taking notice of his relatives moving out West. Some were going to Wyoming and Colorado and Texas and California. They were opening up hotels and buying land and timber. His oldest sibling, Nelson was in Hibbing MN, running a hotel and buying land. Joseph A. Jesmer ll, was buying timber in Minnesota and would later move to Seattle Washington. His Uncle Moses, (not brother) was in Colorado, running a store. The list goes on and on. It seems that everyone was getting married, having kids, and talking the train out west, transplanting themselves in faraway places to seek their fortune. I am sure that a desire for adventure was burning in young Hubert’s heart.

At the age of 15, Hubert hears of his brother Nelson A. Jesmer pleading guilty of grand larceny charges and running off to Manitoba. He heard about his rich uncle Nelson going to Duluth the help Nelson with fighting the charges against him.


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