Judges 1:1-26  Further Conquest Of The Promised Land


Judges 1:1-26                                                                                                                   Lesson 1

Key verses 1:1

“After the death of Joshua, the Israelites asked the Lord, ‘Who of us is to go up first and fight against Canaanites?”

     The Lord had led the Israelite s to the Promised Land, through Moses. He led the people into the land through Joshua. Now it was time for each tribe to conquer their own portion of their inheritance. But the problem was that Joshua had died. It was time for them to turn to the God for guidance. And that is what they did on this passage. God inspired the tribe of Judah to take the lead and set the example.

  1. What happened soon after Joshua’s death? Who did the Israelites turned to? (1) What direction did God give his people? Why did the tribe ofJudahtake the lead? (Gen 49:8-12) Why would taking the lead be difficult?  Is God calling you to take the lead?
  1. Who were the Canaanites and tell what you know about them? Can you explain how the strategy of conquering the land changed?
  1. Why didn’t the tribe of Simeon receive and inheritance? (Gen 49:5-7; Josh 19:1) How does Judah’s treatment of the tribe of Simeon reveal the grace of God and the gospel?
  1. What revealed the bold faith of Aksah, Caleb’s daughter? (15) What was she offered? What did she request? How can this be related to the spirit of conquest? Think about asking God for things in through prayer? (esp. think about the Holy Spirit, wisdom and strength and direction, to name a few)

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