Mark 14:1-11

Key Verse: 14:6b

1. The broken alabaster jar (1-11)

Jesus’ death approached. In the dark night of jealousy, hatred and murderous plots, this beautiful act of love shines like a bright star. Jesus was at a dinner party in the home of Simon. Suddenly, an uninvited guest came in. She ignored hostile stares and came to Jesus. She was carrying a beautiful alabaster jar of expensive perfume. It was her treasure. She broke the jar and poured the perfume on Jesus’ head. She reserved nothing for herself. She poured out her whole heart to Jesus. Some of those present rebuked her. They thought that her act was wasteful. But Jesus accepted her and her act. He drew this event into gospel history. She had anointed him for burial, for he would soon break his own alabaster jar and pour out his life-blood for the sins of the world. The poor of every age have been served by those redeemed by the blood of Jesus–not by the cynics who criticize.

2. Preparing to eat the Passover (12-21)

Jesus sent two disciples to prepare the place and the meal. It was a secret place, because Jesus did not want anything to interfere with his eating the Passover with his disciples. Jesus loved even his betrayer to the end. Every man has in him the seed of betrayal. Jesus’ words (18) made every disciple examine himself. Jesus’ life and death were in God’s hands.

Prayer: Lord, help me love enough to do what I can do for you in any situation.

One Word: A beautiful thing

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