A restaurant I fell in love with while in Montreal. Cafe Joe.

A restaurant I fell in love with while in Montreal. Cafe Joe.

It is like a mini version of the house in DeKalb. It serves up delicious food with an “artist” feel. It has been around for 18 years. My daughter Jenn can enjoy this place everyday. Here are some reviews I compiled from the web.

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Joe Knows Breakfast. I used to live upstairs from this place so I would stumble down for an awesome three meet breakfast for $5.50…but it would take a half hour, as everything is made to order. I’ve been back recently, the prices have gone up and the wait is the same but a cool place none the less…* The neighborhood is pretty young so you may be entertained by minstrels while you wait. Joe’s is one of the good places. It’s a tiny cute place filled with plants and books, that’s blocks away from everything that makes St Henri an awesome neighborhood. Not a whole lot of vegan options, mind you, but the home fries are so delish, you don’t see me complaining. Great place! The food, staff and quirky resto are awesome (but the bathroom kinda freaks me out)! *Everything on the menu is simple and really good! Excellent value for the dollar! The breakfasts are always homemade and delicious with the prices of a greasy spoon. The service can be slow at times but can make for a really nice lazy Saturday outing after a late night! I love having this spot just around the corner!! * This neighborhood is definitely the SOHO of Montreal. Eclectic, trendy, with the coolest artsy, weird, funny, spacey people in the greater Montreal area. Its also known for the huge student population. Cafe Joe is the gathering place for the neighborhood, and is always busy. The food is authentic fresh and delish..I recommend it highly. The staff is very nice, always there to serve, and the coffee is a welcome sight after a night out. Everything is cooked up from scratch and the open kitchen is in plain sight so you can see your food being prepared with loving care, its not super fast but well worth it. Remember, there are no microwaves in this joint, only old fashioned pots and pans. Definitely worth checking out.* I love Cafe Joe!!! My favorite place to go for breakfast / brunch and their olive omelet with hot peppers is the best omelet I have ever eaten in a Montreal restaurant. If you like great food and are not in a rush, this is the place to go (avoid Sundays when Melanie is not working and the food goes way downhill) I love Cafe Joe!! Its a great place to hang out have coffee ,chat with the locals and friendly staff. You can eat some of the best home made meals in town. Looooove the burgers and french toast. The cakes and cookies are a must when you’re missing ur mom’s cooking. I give Joe, whoever he is, a well deserved A+.

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