Albert Joseph Mass and Sarah Maude (Dwyer) Mass….Julie’s grandparents

Albert Joseph Mass (His real name was Fredrick Albert Mass. He found this out when he was 65 yrs old.) and Sarah Maude (Dwyer) Mass. Albert and Sarah are Julie, my wife’s grandparents.

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Maude - Helens mother

Albert and sarah in their 80s

Albert was born 4/1/1894 in Cincinnati Ohio. He met Sarah for the first time at a USO dance, a dance meant to entertain the soldiers and they married in Los Angeles 8-23-1919. Their 50th anniversary was spent in Montibello California. That is where they lived. Albert was known as Uncle Al. He had started smoking at 6 years old and he succumbed to lung cancer. He worked as a porcelain enameller. Later on he became a maintenance electrician through reading books.  He worked at O’Keefe and Merrit Co. He was know for being able to fix things.  Albert’s dad was Albert “Gus” Mass, from Germany. He Lived in Cincinnati Ohio and had a trucking business. His mother was Anna Speakerman (? Spiekerman) She was born on Cincinnati Ohio. She died in 1940 in an accident with a mail truck. Albert died 11-1974. He is interned at Resurrection Cemetery in Monterrey Park California.

Sarah was born 9-21-1894 in Marysville California. Her father, William Dwyer married Nora Lee Dwyer. They were both from Ireland. They settled in Arizon with four children. They moved to Marysville  and had eight other children. One child was bit by a rattle snake in Arizona and died. Sarah married Albert 8-23-1919 in Los Angeles. She was a housewife. She was a member of the Catholic Daughters. T.O.P.S., Altar Society, and various other church activities. She died in 1974 of Emphysema and an irregular heartbeat. Lola M., born in 2005, was named after her late great-grandmother, Sarah Maude Mass.

The older pictures are or Sarah Maude Mass as a child. There are pictures of her siblings and parents, William and Norah Dwyer.

Sarah Mass long pic 1963 Sarah mass in her eighties head pic Sarah mass head pic 1963 mass and nugent families 1963 family pic 1960 Albert mass long pic 1963 Albert mass 1963 head pic Albert in his eighties-head pic Albert and Sarah mass 1960ish head pic Albert and sarah mass 1960ish Albert and sarah in their 80s Albert and sarah 1963 head pic albert and sarah 1963

Albert and Sarah had three children.

Patricia A. Josephine “Patsy”.  Born 10-1 or 3, 1923. She died 4/30/1994. She had married Raymond Olearts.  They had no children.  She was also called Auntie Pat.

Patricia A. Josephine “Patsy” Mass Olaerts, was born in Los Angeles on 10-1-1923 or 10-3-1923. When she was 18 years old, she married Raymond Olaerts, who was a Belgian immigrant. They were married at the Resurrection Church in East LA. Patsy worked as an insurance underwriter. Ray worked at the school district. He once built a boat, a 26 foot cabin cruiser. They lived on the boat for six years.  Later, Ray ran a marine survey business. They retired at Potrero California, where they had bought a five acre ranch. They had a garden that was one acre large. They raised chickens and pigs. Patricia played the organ very beautifully. The neighbors would yell out to encourage her to play louder.  Patricia died 4-30-1994 and was cremated. Her ashes were interned at a veteran’s cemetery. After her death, Ray sold the property and moved to a manufactured home.

Aliases:  Raymond Edore Olaerts

Relatives: Patricia Olaerts

 Address History
Potrero, CA, El Cajon, CA, Lakeside, CA, Big Bear Lake, CA


Possible Cities Resided: LOS ANGELES, CA 90009; POTRERO, CA 91963


Possible Aliases / Affiliated Names:

RAY E OLAERTS (died in 1999)

Possible Relatives / Associates:


OLAERTS, PATRICIA J. was born 01 October 1922, received and, Death Master File says, died 30 April 1994 729793

Check the source file and then check Archives for PATRICIA OLAERTS.

OLAERTS, RAY E. was born 25 March 1916, received Social Security number 556-12-5870 (indicating California) and, Death Master File says, died 15 October 1999 729794

Check the source file (free) and then check Archives for RAY OLAERTS.

Ray olearts patsys hubby 1960ish Patsy Mass and Ray Olearts 1960ish Patsy Mass 1960ish Patsy and Ray 1960 head pic family pic 1960


Paul Mass. Paul died when he was nine months old, possibly from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S)

Mary Helen Mass Nugent was Albert and Sarah’s third child.

Name: Dwyer

Gender: Unknown Gender

Origin: Europe

Language: Irish

Thematic: Unknown Thematic


Comments: There is also a name called O’Dwyer which is where this name could have come from.

1-dwyer in usa
1-dwyer name chart


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