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It Takes Gospel Principles To Build A Nation

It Takes Biblical-Gospel Principles To Build A Nation.

Kevin E. Jesmer 8-12-17

I just saw Inconvenient Truth Part 2. I agree with Al Gore…we need to do something…and fast. I also noticed humanism in it. India was holding out in the Paris Accord. They said, “We need 150 years to use fossil fuels to build our infrastructure and our per capita income, just like the USA did., over the last 150 years.” They assume that human ingenuity, and money and hard work can build a nation’s infrastructure and wealth. But they ignore a fact. The most powerful countries with strong infrastructures and the highest per capita income have something all in common. A history, laws and a constitution based on Biblical Christian Principles. It takes more than money and human strength to build a nation. Likewise, it takes more than money and good management skills to make a family. There are also undergirding principles based on the Gospel of Jesus found in the Bible. Some nations can spend 1,000 years to build up their nation and not be able to do it. They want to ignore the spiritual, and “people” factors, matters of the heart. Biblical Christianity and Jesus can’t be ignored.