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Polaris Buildings

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Polaris Buildings

The Polaris Buildings. I always thought the the buildings near Eastwood school were the only Polaris buildings. I lived on nearby Queensbay. In 1978 I walked about these boarded up buildings. One day I discovered that a door was opened to a long hallway that extended out into the deep darkness. I wanted to go in and walk around but I could not get my nerve up to do it. In my research I discovered that the Polaris buildings were also where the old YMCA was across from the library. These Polaris buildings provided housing for single INCO men. They were the YMCA, a homeless shelter (I think) and the dorms for the University of the North. I have some pics of the Polaris buildings from 1970 and 1971. Any recollections of these buildings? What is happening to the buildings by Eastwood School?