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The Final Resting Place of The Jesmer Immigrant Ancestor… Louis Laurent Dahaut dit Jasmin

The Final Resting Place of The Jesmer Immigrant Ancestor… Louis Laurent Dahaut dit Jasmin

My branch of the Jesmers migrated from the Hogansburg/Bombay NY area in the 1860’s, to Greenbush Township Minnesota (60 mile north of Minneapolis, six mile from Princeton MN. That launching place was not far from where the original immigrant ancestor, Louis Laurent Dahaut dit Jasmin was laid to rest in 1802.

“Between 1773 and 1775 the family moved to Vaudreuil, Que. and lived there until after 1786. This is the last date records on them show up in the church. After that date they moved into Ontario and settled near Cornwall. This is where they were living in 1802 when Louis died.

He was buried 9 April 1802. His burial record is in the register of St.Regis but the same priest served St. Regis and the area of Cornwall. If you ask a historian in the Cornwall area where the early French people were buried, they do not know. I suspect the old cemetery at Glen Walter known as Flanagan’s Point was an early burial ground, although there are no records to prove this. It is possible he was buried in that cemetery with no marker on the grave.

It is unknown when his wife, Marie Madeleine died. She is probably buried with him. This family sort of split on the border. Some coming to the US and others remaining in Canada.”

Sue Kirkey, 2006.


Precious Blood Glen Walter Cemetery, Glengary County, On

Precious Blood Cemetery, Glengarry County, ON. Street Address: 18314 County Rd 2 Community: Glen Walter Township: Charlottenburgh Township (Concession BF, Lot 7)

Precious Blood Catholic Church; 18314 Hwy 2, Glen Walter, ON K6H 5R5; Phone (613) 931-1424

Precious Blood Cemetery

Street Address: 18314 County Rd 2

Community: Glen Walter

Township: Charlottenburgh Township (Concession BF, Lot 7)

Locality: Glengarry County

Municipality: South Glengarry, Stormont Dundas & Glengarry

Province: ON

GPS: 45.032254,-74.638255

The name list are some Jesmers who are buried, or married etc at this church. It shows that this church served as a Jesmer family church in the early 20th century.