Bield Manitoba at the beginning of the 20th century

Ed playing a fiddle with a friend Bield Manitoba at the beginning of the 20th century. That is the area where my mom and her brother Ed and their siblings grew up. It is a rural farm area in southern  Manitoba.

pioneer house Winona school no 2211 1929-1967 good map of where beild is bield school larger building 1913-1967 bield school no 1656  1913-1967 Bield 1935 postage stamp Bield school in 1917 blue mapEd Sawicki by horses on farm 1944 Ed at 10 years old ed and della -Leons kids-1941 Leons harvest in 1942 harvesting machine 1942 Emily and Leon by their second home 1943 leon Sawicki on a wagon 1941 Della -daughter (my mom) 1944 age 13 Leon and sons walter and Ed 1948

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