Book Report 1: GOD’S LOST CHILDREN Report by HOPE J (12)


Book by Sister Mary Rose McGeady
Report by #HOPE J#

The book I read this month was God’s Lost Children by Sister Mary Rose McGeady. This was a pretty good book that was very interesting.
Sister Mary Rose McGeady runs a branch in New York for the foundation, Covenant House. The Covenant House Foundation houses and helps America’s homeless teens.
This book consists of about 20 stories about some of the kids that had some of the biggest impacts on the author and Covenant House based on their tragic stories. These kids’ lives were devastated by drugs and violence, alcohol, prostitution, abuse, and broken families. They live on the streets and all that bad stuff, and some lucky ones get to Covenant House where they can put their lives together and have a good future.
This book made me think about the lives of others as well as my own. I am lucky to be in a stable normal Christian environment with a regular life. But other kids my age and around it that don’t have it easy at all. Their lives are messed up because they don’t have people to help them or save them or teach them what’s right. That’s why Covenant House is a real blessing to people. Thay are kind of like angels, a comparison that the author makes somewhere in this book.
I like this book; it was quite insightful and was a short read. There were some themes that were kind of mature but I’d recommend this book.
the end.

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