Carl and Jessie Jesmer – My great uncle and aunt.

Carl and Jessie Jesmer – My great uncle and aunt.

carl and jesse and some kids

Carl Thomas Jesmer was my grandfather’s brother. That would make him my great uncle. I never knew him. He had the most kids out from Nelson’s family. Many of the Jesmers still in Saskatchewan are from his family. He was a farmer and even donated some of his land to Duck’s Unlimited. It is now the Jesmer Marsh on Quill Lake. I hope that this page honors his name and his family and can be the seed that sprouts a Jesmer family reunion in the future. (PS if anyone has any old pics…please send them my way.)


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Link to George A. Johnson and Lillie Johnson (Jessie’s parents)

Link to newspaper articles about Carl

Link to the siblings of Carl:  Harvey  and Ida  , Half brother Herbert, Lillie Martha

Documents of Carl and Jessie

Link to life on the farm

Carl’s old school house    Carl and Jessie’s old house

Link to Quill Lake pics   Carl’s barn he made in 1943

 Link to uncle John Statland’s family    List of Carl’s first cousins

 Jesmer mysteries explained

What do the descendants of Nelson A. Jesmer and Genevieve  look like? 

 Old Pictures of the town of Quill Lake  Old Pictures of Wadena Sask.  Some old pics of Clair Sask.

Children of Carl and Jessie:   Genevieve, David, Lorraine, Lorna, Howard, Hugh, Patricia, Barry and Brian.

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Carl Thomas Jesmer was born in Bessemer Michigan. November 14th 1893. He moved with his family to Quill City district, south-west of Wadena area in 1904. He finished his primary education in Wadena Saskatchewan area, after which he attended school in St Boniface MB where he studied accounting. He farmed with his father, and then started farming on his own and farmed in the Quill City district all of his life.

He married Jessie Dorothea Johnson, in Regina Saskatchewan, June 21st, 1932. Jessie was born in Clair Saskatchewan July 25th , 1912. Carl and Jessie had nine children, Genevieve, David, Lorna, Howard, Hugh, Patricia, Barry and Brian.

Carl died in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, December 11th 1972. Jessie died in Wadena Saskatchewan January 13th 2001. The family farm is still being farmed by their two son’s David and Howard.

(Written by Ted Jesmer, Carl’s nephew…Harvey’s son.)

4-carl and Jesse young couple with info

pic of carls chart

6-ida and willam and carl 1948 6-carl 1948


1-road crew 1-Carl on road crew in 1912

1-quill city players baseball team Carl- baseball player- 1920

carl and family at picnic table 1967 carl and Jesse head pic Carl and Jesse standing up car and jessie and son brian Jesse with family Jesse and family infront of a car Jesse in 1967 carl in 1967 Jesse - head pic carl and jesse and some kids-head pic carl and jesse and some kids Three of Nelsons kids in 1912 Jesmer Spring roundup Nelson in 1930 and 3 kids in 1912 Nelson Jesmer and son Carl Nelsons house in Quill City Children of Nelson A Jesmer - a list the cemetery where carl and Jesse are buried Carl Jesmer about 1915 Carl Jesmer in 1912 Jesse head pic carl head pic


2-Carl and Jesse 1964 2-Carl and Jesses g-kids in 1984 2-Jesse in 1984 2-Jesmer family reunion picture 1984 c-children of Carl list 2-Jesses pic in senior years-head pic 2-Carl head pic 1964 2-Jesse head pic in 1964 2-Carl Jesse and Pat Jesmer 1964

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