Eunice Rose (Jesmer) Waldhoff. The eighth child of Joseph A. and Mary Ann Jesmer.

Eunice Rose Jesmer (8th child) was born to Joseph A. Jesmer and Mary Ann (Robideaux) Jesmer.

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Link to Joseph A. Jesmer page (Eunice’s parents)    How the Jesmers came to Minnesota

Link to pictures of Princeton MN in Eunice’s day       Hx of Greenbush township where Eunice grew up

Foreston MN. The place where several of Joseph’s kids lived and started businesses.

The children of Joseph A. Jesmer: Nelson Adulphus Jesmer,  Sidney Joseph Jesmer,  Mary Jane (Jesmer) RobideauLouis E. Jesmer, William E. Jesmer, Joseph lll Jesmer,  Moses Edward Jesmer,  Eunice Rose (Jesmer) Waldhoff, Eugenia (Jesmer) KaliherAdulphus “Albert” Jesmer,  Ida Jesmer, Delia Alice Jesmer,  Louella (Jesmer) BowenHubert Francis Jesmer;  Baby 1, Baby 2

A picture of Eunice’s parents and some of her siblings.

Eunice was born in May 1870, in Greenbush township, Milles Lacs MN. Eunice was the eighth child and the second daughter born to Joseph and Mary Ann. She was also the second child born in Minnesota. When she was nineteen years old her mother died of cancer. At 22 years old she was married. I suppose, that together with her sister Eugenia, she took care of the younger children who were still at home on the farm. (Adulphus (15), Delia (12), Louela (8), and Hubert (5)).

On 10/6/1892, at the age of 22, she married Emmanuel Gustave Waldhoff in Milles Lacs Township MN. Emmanuel was a the most successful business man in Foreston MN, according to the Princeton Union 1892. According to the notes of the genealogist Patty Kaliher, they had two daughters, Myrtle and Edith. Apparently, their children settled around the Minneapolis area. Eunice died on 19 Nov 1898 in North Branch, MN. She was about 28 years old. The cause of death was Consumption. (Tuberculosis)Eunice gravestone

Emanuel Gustave Waldhoff [Parents].Emanuel married 1 Eunice Rose Jesmer on 6 Oct 1892 in Mille Lacs Co, MN.

1MN Assoc. of County Officers, Minnesota Official Marriage System,

Eunice Rose Jesmer [Parents] was born in <1870/1872> in Greenbush Twp, Mille Lacs, MN. She died on 19 Nov 1898 in North Branch, MN. The cause of death was Consumption. She married 1Emanuel Gustave Waldhoff on 6 Oct 1892 in Mille Lacs Co, MN.


Wed In 1892
The Following are the Names of Those Who Were Married in Mille Lacs County During the Year 1892

October 6th. Emanuel G. Waldhoff to Eunice R. Jesmer


1901- in Joseph Jesmer’s obit he is named “Waldhoff”, and lives in North Branch w/ Eunice. Eunice’s death card, “Waldhoff”.  GF marriage card “Waldorf”


A picture of Eunice’s gravestone


The middle name of Eunice was Rose


_Joseph JESMER ______+                      | (1809 – 1888) m 1832 _Joseph JESMER ______|| (1833 – 1901) m 1857||                     |_Julie PLAMONDON ____|                       (1812 – ….) m 1832||–Eunice JESMER |  (1869 – ….)|                      _____________________|                     |                     |_Mary Ann ROBIDEAU __|  (1835 – 1889) m 1857|                      |_____________________



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