Getting to Know Sachigo Lake First Nation, NW Ontario

Getting to Know Sachigo Lake First Nation, NW Ontario

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There is a large internet presence for the community. After watching the videos one can get a sense of community and unity and joy they have as a people. They have discovered the power of walking for good causes. There were walkers for the student dorms at Thunder Bay, and in 2016, the walk for Fort McMurray Alberta. There are community dances and Christmas celebrations. They celebrate Canada day with fishing derbies, community feasts, music jamborees, etc. The Canadian Armed Forces come to the community to practice winter survival skills. They have Gospel jamborees. I did see a video of a Charismatic Christian preacher. They have an arena and hockey teams. They also have a lot of people who like to sing.


Sachigo Lake First Nation

Sachigo Lake, Ontario

P0V 2P0

Tel. (807) 595-2527

Fax (807) 595-111


Sachigo Lake First Nation is an Oji-Cree First Nation  in Unorganized Kenora District in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is located on Sachigo Lake, part of the Sachigo River system and Hudson Bay drainage basin, approximately 425 kilometres (264 mi) north of the town of Sioux Lookout. As of September 2011, the First Nation had a registered population of 814 people, of which the on-reserve population was 443.[3]

Sachigo Lake is policed by the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, an Aboriginal based service.



The First Nation elect their officials through a Custom Electoral System, consisting of a Chief and four councillors. The current Chief is Titus Tait and the four councillors elected for the same term are Richard Mekanak, Jack Tait, Stanley Tait, and Gideon Thunder; their two-year terms all began on April 20, 2011.[4]

As a signatory to Treaty 9, Sachigo Lake First Nation is a member of the Windigo First Nations Council, a Regional Chiefs Council, and Nishnawbe Aski Nation, a Tribal Political Organization that represents majority of First Nation governments in northern Canada.


The First Nation have reserved for themselves the 3,588-hectare (8,866-acre) Sachigo Lake Indian Reserve 1,[5][6] which serves as their main reserve, containing the community of Sachigo Lake.[1] In addition, the First Nation have reserved the 1,723.6-hectare (4,259-acre) Sachigo Lake Indian Reserve 2[7][8] and the 2,833-hectare (7,000-acre) Sachigo Lake Indian Reserve 3.[9][10]




The new 2,381-square-metre (25,629 sq ft) Martin McKay Memorial School,[11] offering Kindergarten through Grade 8 programming accommodates approximately 103 students. The new school contains a total of eight classrooms, a computer room, a public-school library, a gymnasium, multipurpose and change room facilities, as well as play areas for kindergarten and elementary students. INAC provided $9.45 million to Sachigo Lake First Nation, which managed design and construction of the school.[12] Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated consulted extensively with the community and were winners of the Architectural Excellence for Design Awards, by the Ontario Association of Architects, for the Martin McKay Memorial School.[13]


The concept, “Two Schools, One Spirit,” links the primary and secondary programs through the spirit of the Thunderbird. The primary and secondary schools are individual wings with two separate entrances, which allows for a division of students by age and maturity levels. Shared community use of facilities such as the gymnasium, multipurpose room and library, provides a central focus.



Over 1.1 million dollars has been invested in upgrades and the rehabilitation of the Sachigo Lake First Nation Arena. This new facility enriches the recreation for youth in the community and surrounding communities.[14]


The community is served by Sachigo Lake Airport. It has winter road access south via Muskrat Dam Lake First Nation to the all-weather Northern Ontario Resource Trail and thereby to Ontario Highway 599.[15]


The unemployment rate in 2006 was 22.9%.[16]

Alternate Names: 

Sachigo Lake First Nation


Titus Tait



Band Number: 


Tribal Council: 

Windigo First Nations Council

Primary Tribal Organization: 

Nishnawbe-Aski Nation


Treaty 9

INAC Profile:


Tribal Council: Windigo First Nations

Primary Tribal Organization: Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN)

Treaty #9

Community only accessible by air through SachigoLakeAirport located 2.8 km N of community or winter/ice road branching off the Northern Ont Resource Trail heading N from PickleLake

Sachigo Lake is a dry community and ALL arriving passengers at airport and via winter road undergo a luggage check for alcohol and/or illegal substances

Sachigo Lake is comprised of 3 reserve areas; the main community is located on Sachigo Lake Indian Reserve 1

Tikinagan Child & Family Services head office in Sioux Lookout: 807-737-3466 (ph); 807-737-3543 (fax)

Sachigo Lake Motel: 807-595-2578


Tribal Council: Windigo First Nations
Provincial Territorial Organization: Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN)
Treaty #9


Economic initiatives Sachigo Lake First Nation is involved with include:

Assistance and business advisory for private businesses

Advisory capacity for construction of business complex centre in community, FedNor funding assistance announced Nov 2012 with completion date of Jun 2013; centre will house Administration and Council, Economic Development, Health and Social Services, Tikinagan Child & Family Services, a 4-suite hotel, restaurant and the post office

Joint ownership of Wataynikaneyap Power with 12 other First Nations and Goldcorps, to reinforce transmission lines to Pickle Lake and Musselwhite Mine and to construct new transmission lines north of Pickle Lake to service remote First Nation communities

A signed business partnership (2014) with North Star Air Ltd along with its affiliate Cargo North

Office Phone 807-595-2527
Fax 807-595-1119
Primary Executive Dean Beardy, Economic Development Officer
Alternate Executive Alvin Beardy; Email:
Site Location Community is 425 km N of Sioux Lookout, on N shore of Sachigo Lake
Located In Community Sachigo Lake First Nation
Address 48 Airport Rd
Sachigo Lake, ON P0V 2P0
Mailing Address c/o Economic Development
PO Box 51
Sachigo Lake, ON P0V 2P0



Sachigo Lake First Nation is located approximately 425 kilometers north of Sioux Lookout and 150 kilometers west of Big Trout Lake. Access to Sachigo Lake is provided by a year round airport which is operated by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communication. Regular air service is available to the regional centers of Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay and Winnipeg. The Sachigo Lake airport, which was completed in 1980, is located approximately 2 kilometers (1.25 miles) north of the main community. Road access between the airport and Sachigo Lake is by one gravel, winter road.



The sun shines on Sachigo Lake

By: Northern Ontario Business staff


Solar farm developer SkyPower announced it’s partnering with Sachigo Lake First Nation to develop a “multitude of utility-scale solar photovoltaic projects in Ontario.”


In a March 4 release, SkyPower said it’s completed the request for qualification stage under the large renewable procurement (LRP) process through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and has submitted proposals for the development of solar parks with Sachigo.


Sachigo Lake First Nation is a remote Oji-Cree First Nation of 814 in the Kenora district of northwestern Ontario.


SkyPower is a global developer of “utility-scale solar energy projects.” The company has 24 power purchase agreements in Ontario for a total of more than 300 megawatts of power.


“SkyPower’s clean energy partnership with Sachigo Lake First Nation will create jobs and strengthen the local economy,” said Kerry Adler, SkyPower’s president-CEO. “Our track record of working together in mutual respect with Indigenous communities is a testament to our sustainable economic innovation.”


“Sachigo Lake First Nation has gained access to enter the renewable energy market in Ontario and the opportunity to participate financially in a program that will provide long-term benefits for our community,” said Chief Titus Tate.


SkyPower has developed large solar projects with other Indigenous communities, including Fort William First Nation near Thunder Bay.
General Delivery,

Sachigo Lake, Ontario

P0V 2P0


Ontario Tourism Region : Northwest Ontario


Phone : (807) 595-2578

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Description From Owner:


Pop. 450. In Kenora Dist. on the N shore of Sachigo L. at the mouth of the Sachigo R., 620 km. NW of Thunder Bay. The post office opened in 1969. The origin of the name is unknown. From Ontario Place Names 2007 David E. Scott Ph. 866 471 4123 or 905 680 7884

Martin McKay School link

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