Getting to know the community of Nibinamik (Summer Beaver) First Nation NW Ontario.

Getting to know the community of Nibinamik (Summer Beaver) First Nation NW Ontario.

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Nibinamik First Nation (Oji-Cree language: (Niibinamik, “Summerbeaver”); unpointed:), also known as Summer Beaver Band, is a small Oji-Cree First Nation in Northern Ontario, located on the Summer Beaver Settlement that is connected to the rest of the province by its airport, and a winter/ice road that leads to the Northern Ontario Resource Trail.


In October 2009, Nibinamik First Nation had a registered population of 440 people, of which only 28 were located in the Summer Beaver Settlement. The First Nation is a member of the Matawa First Nations, a regional Chiefs council, and Nishnawbe Aski Nation, a Tribal Political Organization representing majority of First Nations in Northern Ontario.


Summer Beaver was policed by the Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service, an Aboriginal based service, until its detachment was condemned and closed down.,_Ontario


Alternate Names:

Nibinamik First Nation


Norman Beaver (Acting)



Band Number:


Tribal Council:

Matawa First Nations

Primary Tribal Organization:

Nishnawbe-Aski Nation

Treaty: Treaty 9

Summer Beaver (Nibinamik).

Nibinamik, also known as Summer Beaver, is nestled on the shores of beautiful Nibinamik Lake. This small community offers wonderful opportunities for wildlife viewing as well as kayaking, fishing, and hunting.

Nibinamik First Nation Website

KKETS Employment Community Coordinator:

Stacy Wabasse 1-807-593-2131


Nibinamik First Nation
General Delivery
Summer Beaver
Ontario P0T 3B0
1 (807) 593-2131


Summer Beaver began as an intentional community in 1975 when a group of Anglican people, related by kinship, decided to leave Lansdowne House, a Catholic settlement. Violence had reached epic proportions in Lansdowne House in the 1970s and the community was divided along religious lines. The Summer Beaver people felt that they could make a better life for themselves and their children back at Nibinamik Lake. The Canadian government was wary of this move, and offered nothing in the way of support for quite some time. Nibinamik was not recognized as a reserve until recently.


tribal Council: Matawa First Nations

Primary Tribal Organization: Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN)

Treaty #9

Community only accessible by air or winter/ice road branching off the Northern Ont Resource Trail heading N from Pickle Lake

Originally part of Lansdowne House but in 1975 a group left community due to violence to set up own reserve on Nibinamik Lake

Nibinamik is a dry community and ALL arriving passengers at airport and via winter road undergo a luggage check for alcohol and/or illegal substances

Tikinagan Child & Family Services office in Nibinamik: 807-593-9975

Amik Lodge: 807-593-2227

Description (Agency)    Operates a self government and is responsible for the day to day operations of the Nibinamik First Nation

Operates a self government and is responsible for the day to day operations of the First Nation

Offers a few private businesses and the Northern store

Provides a Canada Post postal station

Serviced with flights to/from Summer Beaver Airport, 4.6 km SW of the community; administered and operated by Ministry of Transportation

Provides the following programs and services:

Administration (Band office)

Child and Family Services

Economic Development

Fire Department

Health Services, Aboriginal Healthy Babies Healthy Children (AHBHC)

Health Services, Crisis Intervention

Health Services, Daycare Program

Health Services, Diabetes Program

Health Services, Early Childhood Development

Health Services, Home & Community Care

Health Services, Medical Transportation

Health Services, Mental Health Program

Health Services, National Native Alcohol & Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP)

Health Services, Nursing Station

Health Services, Youth Program

Nibinamik Education Authority

Nibinamik Education Centre

Ontario Works

Public Works

Recreation Department


History The community of Nibinamik First Nation, also known as Summer Beaver was established in 1975. As an offshoot of Lansdowne House First Nation, which is now more commonly known as Nibinamik First Nation. By 1976, more people moved to Nibinamik and they Built log homes, and a community hall was used for meetings, feasts, dances and storage facilities for gasoline. They also acquired a variety of undertakings and ventures such as; store, band office and school. Summer Beaver had also attracted certain amount of government attention and a medium for funding, primarily for housing. Population: 461

Leadership/ Administration / Band Office/ Health Department/ Nursing Station/ Education

The local school: Nibinamik Education Centre offers education for students from kindergarten to grade 8 and further high school must be obtained through KHIS also known as Keewaytinook Internet High School which is held at the school. Students also have the opportunity to attend high-school in an urban setting. There are sixty nine (69) students enrolled in the community school. The community does not keep records of post secondary education achieved by its’ members but Northern Nishinawbe Education Council (NNEC) keeps records of the post secondary education since 1995; this data is not readily available by community.

Community Events

Other Past Times

The people of Nibinamik are intuitive, cunning and live in harmony with the land. Being a remote community the community uses everything within their natural surroundings. Such as hunting, fishing, trapping, and harvesting the gifts of the land are ancient traditional ways that come into everyday life. The community celebrates’ the spirit of the creator through songs, dance and art. The people of Nibinamik are famous for their creative crafts through beadwork, wood cravings, and moccasins making. In addition, the quality of slipper that they produce is truly rare and their gifted craft is in high demand.


Nibinamik Education Centre

School services multi-grade JK to Grade 9 with an Enrolment of 100 students, Nibinamik First Nation is a remote fly-in community which is located approximately 500 air miles north of Thunder Bay,Ontario?


The On-reserve population is approximately 420 people.


Keewaytinook Internet High School (KiHS)

Uses the Internet as a mode of delivery to offer accredited secondary school

courses from Grade 9-12 in a classroom setting

offers high school courses at the Nibinamik Education Centre


Secondary School Program

Provides financial assistance for students who choose to attend high school outside of community (usually Geraldton, Sioux Lookout or Thunder Bay)

Provides assistance with transportation and housing arrangements


Post-Secondary Student Support Program

Provides counseling and guidance in choosing post-secondary field of studies

Provides assistance for applying/filling out application forms for colleges and universities

Provides financial support to post-secondary students both on and off the reserve.


Link to Wataway news about Nibinamik First Nations


This Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement is located in northern Ontario. It is almost in the center of extreme northern Ontario. Nibinamik is also known as Summer Beaver which in Anishinabe is Ni-bin (Summer) and Ah-mik (Beaver). According to the 2006 census, the population of Nibinamik or Summer Beaver was 362. Nibinamik is an isolated settlement which depends on planes and winter roads for food and other supplies to be brought in. The settlement has 100 housing units which gives Nibinamik an average household size of 3.6 persons per housing unit. However, the population is probably closer to 600 or even more. Below is a link to a picture of the Chippewa Treaty 9 Reservation settlement of Nibinamik.


Tribal Council: Matawa First Nations

Primary Tribal Organization: Nishnawbe-Aski Nation (NAN)

Treaty #9

Telemedicine coordinator is Carol Yellowhead

Critical patients are airlifted by air ambulance to a hospital in Sioux Lookout, Thunder Bay or Winnipeg


Gathering of Rivers: Dedicated to improving the quality of life in Matawa region communities


Internet class room


Nibinamik youth camp

Tuesday August 3, 2010


Nibinamik First Nation (Summer Beaver) held its 12th annual summer Youth Wilderness Retreat program July 12-17. The retreat was held at the O-ma-day-na-moh-win-nik (Breathing Grounds), which is located on the lake about 5 kilometers by boat from the community. Activities for the youth included moose tracking, gun safety, traditional food preparation, fish netting and drum teachings.


NIBINAMIK Summer Beaver First Nation



Veterinary Services in the community


In 2010 GBAQT started in Cat Lake. There the team performed many surgeries in the communities’ temporary school before they boarded their chartered float plane to take them to Nibinamik Summer Beaver First Nation. Just before arriving in Summer Beaver a forest fire was spotted from the plane. The pilot of the float plane reported the fire by radio to the authorities then dropped the team in Summer Beaver before the surrounding air space was officially closed. Water bomber planes were dispatched to the area and the water bomber pilots and crew were put up in the housing meant for the veterinary team. The veterinary surgery was set up in the log cabin that was also used for the group to sleep and eat in. The days were long at this time of year and Summer Beaver was farther north than the team had been before. It was surprisingly hot, and dehydration and exhaustion was a concern. The sun rose around 5 am and did not set until after 10 pm. The team performed more surgeries in Summer Beaver than had been performed in previous visits to Cat Lake. And, best of all Summer Beaver was the first community to contribute financially to assist the team with travels and veterinary expenses. The contribution from the community was substantial, however it just barely covered the huge expense of chartering a float plane to travel to the remote community.



Proudly presents & Invites You to



From July 12th – 17th, 2010

Our annual program is designed to promote leadership and cultural knowledge.  Many of our teachings are provided by our local elders and experienced instructors.


This program was developed to address the need of the younger generation by offering survival and life skills in a positive and energetic atmosphere.


Our event will take place at the traditional O-ma-day-na-moh-win-nik (Breathing Grounds) site, which is a 25 minute boat ride from the community.


This years highlights in the Programs offered includes as follows:

–   Medicine Walk

–  Seven Sacred Teachings


–  Biblical Teachings


–  Traditional Food Preparation

–  Moose Tracking & Gun Safety

–  Canoe Course

–  Fish Netting

–  Leadership Skills


– Drum Teachings

–  Parenting Skills Teachings

–  Boat & Motor Safety





Timothy Beaver – Head Coordinator

TEL: (807) 593-1022 FAX: (807) 593-2266


Mat Sofea – Case Manager & Community Liaison Coordinator

TEL: (807) 593-1022 FAX: (807) 593-2266

Article about people living in fire traps.

Article about the ring of fire

Video Links to the community of Summer Beaver Nibinamik NW Ontario


These links were found in you-tube. I see a community that is full of community spirit. They enjoy gathers where people laugh, dance and have some fun. Lots of attention is paid to the youth. There is a Gospel Jamboree also. They like sports, like hockey and broomball. Broomball seems especially popular.

 Community “Fun” Events

A man dancing at festival 2011 (2 min) A great film showing everyday people dancing.

Cross dressing competition. Having fun in the community. (4 min) 2013

Summer fest 2009. A rapper imitation and cross dressing competition (7 min)

Summer fest 2009. Video clips to music. (4 min) Good peek at the community coming together to have some good old fashioned fun.

Youth Conferences

Summer Beaver Youth conference 2013 (3 min) lots of slides of the community. Good ideas for VBS activities. Conference put on by Science North and Fair Rivers. Vale Living With Lakes Center.

Summer Science camp 2013. Lots of video clips. (4 min)

Videos Of Community Life

Summer sliding in sand fun (46 sec)

Sporting Events

Hockey tournament: Summer Beaver. (10 min)

Nibinamik Flyers vs team USA (9 min) 2009

Native Stars (Ladies Broomball) 2009 (5 min)

Gospel Outreach

Gospel Jamboree in the arena (4 min) 9-2011

Traditional Ways

Traditional Drumming and Singers (7 min)

womans hockey 2009 Shaking Hands adult grad class 2006 broomball emblem broomball with close community flying into the community google arial map internet class room

making birch bark canoes -tiny ones 2006 moccasins Moses_Amik_Beaver  (1) Nabinamik - some ladies Nabinamik- community people Nabinamik warriors broomball 2014 native stars emblem Nibinamik-First-Nation-300x246 official building with flag outdoor meeting place place in matawa region map playing boomball thunderbird moto

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