Hubert Francis Jesmer and Shirley (Smith) Jesmer- The 16th child of Joseph and Mary Ann Jesmer

Hubert Francis Jesmer and Shirley (Smith) Jesmer. Hubert is the youngest child of Joseph A. Jesmer.  He is the 16th child. This man fascinates me because he is like a “living link to the past”. His dad, my great-great- grandfather, died of a stroke in 1901 and Hubert continued to live until 1964. One of his own daughters, Phyllis could be alive today (2014).

Link to Greenbush township Minnesota where Hubert was born.

Why I am interested in the story of Hubert and Shirley Jesmer 

Link to Joseph A.  and Maryanne Jesmer page (Hubert’s parents)

History of Greenbush township and Milles Lacs County 

Link to Dennis Montana, the place where Hubert moved to after leaving home.

Link to Moose Jaw Saskatchewan in and around 1915 when Hubert came to Canada

Some newspaper articles about Hubert Francis Jesmer

Link to Camp Morton Manitoba where Hubert and Shirley had three kids 

Link to Berens River Manitoba where Hubert and Shirley lived for a while 

Hubert spent two years in Europe in WWl 

Hubert’s and Shirley’s children:  Harvey (Herve Jasmin), Gorden Joseph, Phyllis Mary, Hazel Mary, Marion, Donald, Ernesta Mary


I have heard it said that Hubert and his wife Shirley were not living together for the last twenty five years of Hubert’s life. This makes sense, as Hubert is not buried with Shirley. Also, Ida, his niece, wrote to him in 1960 and only addressed the letter to Uncle Hubert. There is no mention of Hubert in Shirley’s obituary. Any comments on this? (-comment by Kevin Jesmer)

Hi Kevin,     I have a comment.   In Hubert.s obit it says “beloved husband” of Shirley Jesmer of Hnausa”.  Sounds like they were living together.  As far as the obit goes, they might have just forgotten to mention him since he’d been gone ten years, it does happen.  Some obits only mention the “survived by”.   It might be that Hubert wanted to be buried in a Military section or even she might have wanted that for him.  Could be later that the family felt that she could not be buried near him anyway, might as well bury her at Brookside alongside/with family.  Could also have been a matter of cost since they are all in one plot.  What do you think ? (by Denise Kerlin 9-2015)

The fact that Hubert has a Box number for mail did not mean he did not live with his wife Shirley.

Jesmer Hubt      Painter Simpson Box 8              1946 Winnipeg city directory

Jesmer Ernesta   Eaton    r 3, 265 River               1945 Winnipeg city directory

Mrs H.F. Jesmer               r 3, 265 River              1945 Winnipeg city directory

I did a quick search on Hubert’s voters list.  I’ve checked one in the 40’s, one in the 50’s and one in the 60’s and everyone of them have his listed with Mrs. H. Jesmer.                   Denise Kerlin 3-26-16

  • info provided by Genealogist Denise Kerlin.

I noticed on your site that you mentioned that Hubert was buried at Chapel Lawn Cemetery.  He is actually buried at Assumption Roman Catholic Cemetery in the Military section.  Assumption Cemetery (3990 Portage Ave.)  shares the street entrance  with Chapel Lawn Memorial Gardens (4000 Portage Ave.)   Chapel Lawn  does have a large sign right at the entrance and once inside it does appear to be  one large cemetery, rather than two. (-by Denise Kerlin)

* Grave stone picture of Hubert and his military records were contributed by Denise Kerlin.

In Brookside cemetery in Winnipeg is Shirley jesmer 1974; Rose Jesmer 1981 and Gordon Joseph Jesmer 1986. 26-2177-0 all have this number. (-by Gloria Jesmer)

Hubert and Shirley both lived with Hazel right up until he died. Shirley lived with Hazel until she died.

Hubert was buried separate because Harvey (their son) had him buried at his church where he had his parish St. Boniface, I think. When Shirley passed away, the girls made arrangements for her funeral and just picked a place, I don’t think that they could bury her with Hubert. – Caitlyn and Rose (2016)

shirley and rose grave marker

Last Name First Name Burial Order # Section-Lot-Grave Date of Death Date of Burial
Jesmar Clara Janet 68704 29-1601-0 Unknown 9/28/1974
Jesmer Gordon Joseph 82182 26-2177-0 3/31/1986 11/4/1986
Jesmer Rose 76415 26-2177-0 3/14/1981 5/23/1981
Jesmer Shirley 68545 26-2177-0 8/6/1974 8/9/1974

grave stone of Hubert F. Jesmer-wpg MB

The children of Joseph A. Jesmer: Nelson Adulphus Jesmer,  Sidney Joseph Jesmer,  Mary Jane (Jesmer) RobideauLouis E. Jesmer, William E. Jesmer,  Joseph lll JesmerMoses Edward Jesmer,  Eunice Rose (Jesmer) Waldhoff, Eugenia (Jesmer) KaliherAdulphus “Albert” Jesmer,  Ida Jesmer, Delia Alice Jesmer,  Louella (Jesmer) Bowen, Hubert Francis Jesmer;  Baby 1, Baby 2

1-middle age hubert head pic no info
1-teenager hubert Jesmer head pic 1-teenager hubert Jesmer on chair

Hubert Francis Jesmer-head pic with info

pic of siblings and parents

Hubert’s descendants are mostly responsible for the Jesmer’s in Winnipeg Manitoba and, I believe, in NW Ontario.

Link to his father’s page, (Joseph A. Jesmer)

Link to the Jesmer family history

Jesmer Soldiers of the First World War 1914-1918 a

Jesmer Soldiers of the First World War 1914-1918 b

the children of Hubert and Shirley list by Ted

letter to Hubert from Ida page 1

idas letter to hubert page 2

History of the town of Dennis Montana pg 1

History of Dennis Montana pg 2 History of dennis montana pg 3 shirely jesmers obituary Huberts obituary

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