Ida Mae (Jesmer) Morton- my great aunt

Ida Mae (Jesmer) Morton- my great aunt. Ida was the sister of my grandfather, Harvey. She was the only living sister. (One other sister died in infancy.) She was born in 3/7/1892. It is interesting to note that her own aunt, Ida Jesmer, Nelson’s younger sister, died 3/13/1889 at the age of  13. Maybe he named his daughter in honor of his own sister.  Ida did not spend much time in Quill City with her parents. Arriving in Canada in 1904, at 12 years old, she attended a private Catholic school in southern Manitoba in 1908 at 16 years old. Later she attended the normal school in Saskatoon at 17 or 18. She became a school teacher and she married a railway man, Will Morton. She was unique in that she wasted no time in getting married. She was married at 20 years old to William Morton. He was known as Uncle Will. She immediately left home and moved away. Her brothers, Carl and Harvey married later in life, in their 40’s. And so my dad had cousins that were 20 years older than him. They may have been “the cousins we didn’t know.”  The pictures open with Ida’s childhood house and the house she married in, the house of her father Nelson. There is a picture of the school building she may have attended. There is a two page letter from a nun. After reading about her life I can see that she loved to curl and was a skip on a team. She constantly traveled, visiting people all over Canada and in the northern States.  I hope that this page brings honor to Ida’s family and all the cousins and their descendants may know each other.

The following is a description of Ida written by her niece…

“How well I remember my Aunt Ida. She’s my Aunt or my father ‘s sister. She was an amazing loving woman. She was so loving towards all of us. Us – equal the 9 siblings of Ida ‘s brother Carl Jesmer and his wife Jessie ( my parents) . Every year at Christmas time Ida would send a puzzle to us along with her Christmas gifts to the younger children in our family. This started a tradition that endured long after Ida was gone. In our family home or in whatever home we might have gathered to celebrate Christmas there would be a puzzle tucked away in some quiet place on a table which various people would work on during the day. I have never liked doing puzzles but I loved the idea of people quietly working away on putting it together. In fact whenever I see people working on a puzzle together I think of Aunt Ida and thank God for her and her kindness. Seems that this RC sister was genuinely practicing the love of God and encouraging a young girl to stay connected to God. I like this idea very much as it speaks of love offered to a young girl by a person of God.”

Ida and Bill 1962-close up

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Link to the siblings of Ida:  Harvey  and Carl , Lillie, Half brother Herbert

Children of Ida (Jesmer) Morton: William (Willie) Morton,  Hazel (Morton) Wilson, , Bruce Morton, Edwin (Ted) Morton

The old school house    Letter to Uncle Hubert 1960  Genealogy info page

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1-pic of idas flow chart


4-willam 1948 4-ida 1948 4-ida and willam 1948 4-ida and willam and carl 1948

1-children of ida Jesmer-updated




1895 census

Nelsons house in Quill City the old school house 8-2013 built 1907 Ida standing up in 1912 Three of Nelsons kids in 1912 Children of Nelson A Jesmer - a list Idas obituary 1977-2 idas obituary 1977 Bills obituary 1986 Obituaries of Ida and Bill Letter to uncle Hubert 1960 ida visiting friend article 1909 ida visits Wadena and invests 1912 article about the wedding 1912 three newspaper articles Ida in 1912 wedding day Ida with friend on wedding day 1912 Marriage certificate Bill Morton 1962 Ida 1962 head pic Ida and Bill 1962-close up Ida and Bill 50 anniv 1962 Ida Bill and kids 2 pics letter from a nun-2 letter from a nun -1 One page history Title page 3 newspaper articles about ida 1909-1915 Ida - newspaper article 1909 Ida Jesmer in 1912

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