It Takes More Than Money, Time And Availability To Be A Missionary In A Community.

It Takes More Than Money, Time And Availability To Be  A Missionary In A Community.

by Kevin E. Jesmer     2-15-15

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As I delve more into missions, I am discovering that there is a prevailing idea, that as long as a person has the funds and the time and the means, then they can go to a mission field and preach the Gospel. But this is not always the fact, especially when it comes to Native Ministry. This mission is all about establishing trust relationships. It is all about commitment. Gaining an invitation is a huge factor.

First, recruitment.   Recruitment is not based only on availability of funds and having the time. These are important however. Let’s face it, there will be a lot of money spent. There will be time off of work, travel costs etc. It will also require years of frequent trips. But those recruited to the mission also have to have a certain set of personality traits and skill sets. They need to be able to relinquish the reigns to others and take supportive roles. They need to be a team player and work with the team in prayer and consultation.  Teachers, nurses, consensus builders, business consulting, construction, mentoring skills, Bible teaching, leadership workshops, as well as many others, are all skills that are highly needed. It is more that just having the money to go.

Second, relationship. Ministry in the remote communities is all about relationships. There are relationships with all members of the community, believers and non believers. There are relationships with other Christians in other ministries. There are relationships with Christians in other nearby communities. Missionaries have to highly value relationship building. They need long term commitment, (in a place where ten years is considered a short term mission trip.) There is no place for being confrontational and isolated in their approach to preaching the Gospel. Relationship is the buzz word.

Third, invitation. A person does not go into certain communities thinking that they are going to set up shop and preach the Gospel and raise disciples among the people. These remote communities are small. Some are 700 people or even less. If some missionaries are invited to live among them, still others may not. You can not assume that just because you are part of the same mission agency that you can go. It is all about relationships, trust and commitment.  It is highly personal. What a person can do is find a role to play in a nearby community and contribute to the mission there. There is more than enough works of the God to be had in nearby locations. They can work remotely until God sees fit to open a door for them in the form of an invitation.

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