John Kinread Nugent and Alice Leona Larracey Nugent

John Kinread Nugent and Alice Leona Larracey Nugent.

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John Nugent family photo 1961 1-three boys sis and dad nugent 1961

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John Kinread Nugent was born in 10-25-1909 in Paterson New Jersey.

John Kinread Nugent, most likely received his middle name from his great-grandfather, John Kinread. Adopting the names of the ancestors is a practice among the Nugent family. See the link to John Kinread. 

John’s parents were Robert Moore Nugent (b. 9-30-1873 in St John NB Canada; d. 12-31-1938 in Nova Scotia, Canada) and Rachael Wolfe (b. 8-16-1873; d. 1937) They were married 5-27-1905.  Robert was living at 312 W. 140th Street New York City. Robert was 32 years old. Rachael lived on the next block, 139 W. 139th St. New York City. She was 32 when she was married.

Robert was a floor manager for Wannabaker’s Department store, where he met Rachael who was a lace buyer for the store. In his career he worked as a department store manager, a department store worker, a steam cleaner, salesman for aluminum wares, and he worked for the Canadian national railway. He was married for one year to his second wife, Clara A. Nugent. John’s mother, Rachael Wolfe was born in Manhattan New York. John grew up with parents who were very active in the department store “world”.

John Kindread Nugent  was married Alice Larracey, on 7-4-1931 in Moncton New Brunswick Canada at St Bernard’s Church, 43 Botsford Street, Moncton, New Brunswick.

John had a cottage in New Brunswick, at the Northumberland Straits (20 miles from Moncton NB). He and his wife really enjoyed the water. He tried to open up the cottage in May. They never had breakers there. They fished for lobsters right off the shore. They would have huge lobster boils and corn boils with literally hundreds of lobsters. There were sixty people attending these boils.

John was educated in Moncton NB, Canada. He was a commercial traveler for several years with Colpitt’s the stationary company. In 1939 he bought Colpitt’s. At Colpitt’s he employed his brother in law and his brother.

John and Alice and family traveled by camper and Cadillac limousine, to the Los Angeles area in March 1949. There were seven children with them. They took their time and played golf along the way. They stopped for a week at time to play golf. (There is a video somewhere, of the family taking a golfing break on their travels to the California.)

John worked in the stationary department of a drug store. He was also a store owner that sold wholesale, variety, stationary supplies. He worked for the Zellerbach paper company. He was a variety store manager in Hollywood.

Zellerbach Paper Company is a California Corporation filed on October 30, 1969. The company’s filing status is listed as Dissolved and its File Number is C0584200. The Registered Agent on file for this company is C T Corporation System and is located at 818 W Seventh St Los Angeles, CA .

John was involved in some community organizations, like the Kiwanis Club. He loved to golf and curl. He was a member of a private golf club in Moncton NB. It is said that he would play gold until 11 pm if he could.

Alice Leona Larracey Nugent was born 11-02-1906 in Irishtown New Brunswick. Her parents were Thomas N. Larracey and Lucy Crystal Larracey. Lucy was born on 2-10-1873 in South Branch Kent County, NB Canada.

Thomas started out as a farmer and moved to Moncton New Brunswick. He had job to start the fire in the stove at the school and that is how he met his wife, Lucy, who was teacher. He was married to Lucy on 11-21-1901 in St Angeline. He and his wife ran a neighborhood store that started out in a front porch. Thomas owned a camp about 10 miles out of Moncton NB. There was well water there and it was near a forest. He spent a lot of time there. He was a nice man and loved to talk politics. Many felt he was their favorite relative. He was also a tax collector. He had strong Catholic faith and went to mass regularly. Lucy died on 10-28-1932 in Irishtown NB. Thomas died 1-1958 in Irishtown.

Alice grew up in the Catholic church. She probably helped out in the family store and spent time enjoying nature at the family camp. Alice was 26 years old when her mother died. But her mother was alive when Alice got married, one year before her mother’s death.

Alice, and all of her siblings were born in Irishtown NB.  She was one of six children:



  1. Rev Sister M. Blanche b. 1902 (Birth name: Bernice Clair. “Sister Blanche” teacher)
  2. Cecil James. CNR Shops b. 1903 Ann Loretta Gallagher (m. 7-27-49 London Ont. d. 11-1996)
  3. Alice Leona. Secretary b.11-2-1906   d. 2-25-1965                           John Kinread Nugent
  4. Bernard. Big Steel Co. Boston. b.1904 d. 6-21-1971 in W. Roxbury Mass.   Florence Breen
  5. Evelyn Lucy. Secretary Telephone co. b. 1912 d. 1996                     Gerald “Jerry” Murphy
  6. Mildred Mary Maude “Mim” b. 6-23-1910 d. 1-3-1980.    John Patrick Dowd (m. 9-22-41)


Alice married John K. Nugent at St Bernard’s Catholic Church in Moncton New Brunswick. She worked as a secretary. She liked to bowl, curl and participate in some community club activities.  Alice died of lung cancer in February 1965.


John remarried Alvina Shoeberl on 4-3-1967. Alvina had been widowed since 1964. John died on 7-20-1969 at about 60 years old. He had a bad heart. He is interned in Montibello California.

 The children of John Kinread Nugent and Alice Larracey

  1. Margaret Elizabeth (Betty)
  2. Peter David
  3. Mary Alice Ann (Ann)
  4. Thomas Gerald (Tommy)
  5. Robert James  (Bobby)
  6. Janet Eileen
  7. John Kenneth Larracey

Who is Alvina Shoeberl, John K. Nugent’s second wife?

 Julie Nugent Jesmer, John’s granddaughter, thought that her name was “Vi”.




Mary’s High School began in September 1928 with the first graduating class in 1931. The Class of 1972 was the last class to graduate from St. Mary’s High School, Salem, South Dakota. The below information was quoted and taken from 100 Years of Faith, 1885 – 1985 published by St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Salem, South Dakota in 1985, on the occasion of the Centennial Celebration of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. The author or authors are unknown.

1937 Bies, Alvina   (married name) Mrs. Alvina Nugent


ALVINA NUGENT. August 16, 1918 November 19, 1997 79 years CA   90604 (East La Mirada, Los Angeles County)


ALVINA NUGENT was born 16 August 1918, received Social Security number 504-24-9067 (indicating South Dakota) and, Death Master File says, died 19 November 1997.


Adoptee Birth Date: 3-28-1952

Adoptee Gender: Female

Adoptee Birth Race: American Indian

Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: ?

Adoptee Birth City: Souix Falls,  SD


Adoptive Mothers Name: Alvina Schoeberl

Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Bies

Adoptive Fathers Name: Edward K. Schoeberl

Edward J Schoeberl

Born on 1 Oct 1910 to Paul Schoeberl and Johanna Ryan. Edward J married Alvina Bies and had a child. He passed away on 9 Sep 1964.

Alvina Bies

Born on 1918 to John E Bies and Nora M Roling. Alvina married Edward J Schoeberl and had a child. She passed away on 1998.

St Bernards church moncton serving in the kitchen john and alice serving in the kitchen close up postcard of St Bernards church john nugents profile
John alice janet peter in ca inside st bernards front of st bernards church in 1918 alice nugent working hard
Alice Nugent head pic A wintery morning in moncton old pic the altar


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