Joseph and Julia (Orowalska) Sawicki- My great grandparents

Joseph is my great grandfather on my mom’s side. He had four sons, Leon (Levi) (my grandfather , Nicholas Rudolph, Micheal Sawicki, and Stanely Sawicki. He had a step son named Anton Chikoski.

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Link to Vicenty and Rosalia Sawicki, Joseph’s parents. 

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Even more documents about Joseph and Julia Sawicki, my great grandparents. 

Video of the land where Skala is

Another video of the Skala castle

Link to the history of Galatia

Understanding the region where my Polish ancestors came from in the Ukraine

In doing research on Joseph and Julia Sawicki, I have seen Joseph’s and Julia’s names as Jozef Savizky, Julia Orlowski, Julia Orolwalska.

Info about Josephs life

Info provided by genealogist, Stanley Sawicki, son of Micheal Sawicki who resides in North Dakota.

Info page of Joseph Sawicki

This map shows the territory of former Austrian Kingdom of Galicia, which was created artificially in 1772, with the partition of Poland. The red line marks present day border between Poland and Ukraine / former USSR. (Leon Sawicki, my grandfather, was born in Ternopil, now Western Ukraine. He was Polish however.)


Joseph standing by construction - with info

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