Judges 3:12-31 God Raises Up His Servants In Dark Times

God Raises Up His Servants In Dark Times

 Judges 3:12-31                                                                                     Lesson 5

Key Verse: 3:30

That day Moab was made subject to Israel, and the land had peace for eighty years.”

      Once again the ancient Israelites did evil in God’s sight. So God allowed King Eglon of Moab to have power over Israel. He joined with two other Canaanite kings and captured Jericho. He ruled Israel for 18 years, exacting tribute from God’s people. The fact that ancient Israel had to pay tribute to her ancient enemy,Moab, meant that the times were hopeless and there was a sense of national shame. When Israel cried out to the Lord, he gave them a deliverer, Ehud. Ehud was a young man with a passion to set his country free. He used his left-handedness to take Eglon by surprise and kill him. Then he led the men ofIsraelto win a great victory. He was a shepherd who helped his people serve God in peace for 80 years. After him came Shamgar, who savedIsraelfrom the Philistines. In this passage we will see how God turns peoples’ disadvantages into advantages. We will also learn how to serve God with what he has given. We will also learn of God who raises up shepherds who can lead his people in peace.

Part l:  Moab’s Power Over Ancient Israel (12-14)

  1. What was the evil the Israelites did? (2:17-20) Why did they keep on doing this? What happened to them? What can we learn here about our own spiritual life?
  2.  Review the Eglon’s conquest ofIsrael? (13-14) How does Eglon’s conquest reflect Satan’s attack on our own soul?

Part ll:  God Raises Up A Deliverer, Ehud (15-30)

 3. What did God do when his people cried out to him? (15a) Who was Ehud? Why was he chosen to bring tribute? What is tribute? What affect would this have on the national psyche?

4.   What was Ehud’s strategy for defeating Eglon? (16-25) What are some spiritual principles we can learn from his strategy? What does it mean that he closed the door and locked it?      

  1.  How was left handedness viewed in Ehud’s time? How can our perceived weaknesses be used for the glory of God? Why does God work through our weaknesses? What weaknesses can you offer up to God for God to work through?
  1. How did Ehud rally his people for a great victory? What does it take to stand up in the  place of leadership and “blow the trumpet”? What victory did God give? (29-30)

Part lll: Shamgar-He Used What He Had For The Glory Of God (31)

  1. Who was Shamgar? What did he use as a weapon? What is an ox-goad? What do we  learn from him on how to be a servant of God? How did Jesus teach his disciples a  similar principle? (John 9:6-7)

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