Leon (Levi) W. Sawicki and Emily Dobranski Sawicki

Leon (Levi) W. Sawicki and Emily Dobranski Sawicki. These are the parents of my mother. They are my grandparents. I never knew my grandfather, as he died before I was born.

Click here to see pictures of Leon’s and Emily’s children and their spouses (J0e, Frank, Walter, Stanely, Nick, Helen and Mary are all from Leon’s first marriage to Anne Dutchyshen, who died of TB. Della (also Adolla, Adele)  and Ed are children born to Leon and Emily)    ; Joe and Cae Sawicki ,  Frank and Margaret Sawicki , Walter and Rose Sawicki , Stanley Sawicki     Nick and Toni Sawicki,  Helen (Sawicki),  Mary (Sawicki).  Ted and Della (Adele Sawicki) Jesmer , , Ed and Emily Sawicki .

Old pictures of Dauphin MB

hand written bio of leon

Info page of Joseph Sawicki

More pics of Emily in the 1970s

 Link to life in Bield Manitoba     Link to Dauphin MB where Emily spent her last days. 

Link to Leon’s First Wife, Anne Dutchyshen

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Link to Joseph and Julia Sawicki, Leon’s parents. 

Link to Adam and Joanna Dobranski’s family, Emily’s parents. 

Understanding the region where my Polish ancestors came from in the Ukraine.

Link to Nick, Leon’s brother  and his brother, Micheal and his brother Stanley

Step brother = Anton Chikoski.

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