Lillie Martha Jesmer – The infant daughter of Nelson A. and Jenny Jesmer.

Lillie Martha Jesmer – The infant daughter of Nelson A. and Jenny Jesmer.


Lillie was the youngest child.  She was just four months old when she died of whooping cough. Herbert was 10, Ida was 4 1/2, Carl was 3 and Harvey was 1 1/2 when their sister died.  Her death would have made deep impression on Herbert and Ida the most. How sorrowful the parents must have been. They were so full of hope, even making new home renovations in Hibbing MN.

The newspaper articles of Lillie Martha Jesmer

November 30, 1895, “N.A. Jesmer is raising and enlarging his residence.” The Hibbing Sentinel

July 25, 1896,” A pretty girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Jesmer on Saturday the 18th last.” The Hibbing Sentinel

November 14, 1896, “Lillie Martha, the beautiful child of Mr and Mrs N.A. Jesmer, died on November 11 of whooping cough after a short illness. The little one was born on July 18th last.” The Hibbing Sentinel

Pertussis — commonly called whooping cough — is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis. In some countries, this disease is called the 100 days’ cough or cough of 100 days.

Symptoms are initially mild, and then develop into severe coughing fits, which produce the namesake high-pitched “whoop” sound in infected babies and children when they inhale air after coughing. The coughing stage lasts approximately six weeks before subsiding.

Prevention by vaccination is of primary importance given the seriousness of the disease in children. Although treatment is of little direct benefit to the person infected, antibiotics are recommended because they shorten the duration of infectiousness. It is currently estimated that the disease annually affects 48.5 million people worldwide, resulting in nearly 295,000 deaths.  (Wikkipedia)

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