Marriage Is Not Just For Ourselves…It Must Be For Jesus To Be Fully Blessed

Marriage Is Not Just For Ourselves…It Must Be For Jesus To Be Fully Blessed
Pastor’s Blog Kevin Jesmer (NIU UBF) 1-18-12

Numbers 36:6

“ This is what the LORD commands for Zelophehad’s daughters: They may marry anyone they please as long as they marry within their father’s tribal clan”

Zelophehad’s daughters had been given the right to inherit land since their father did not have any sons. But some of the family heads of Manasseh recognized a problem. If these daughters married outside their tribe, the land would go to the tribe of their husband. It would not return to the tribe of Manasseh even in the Year of Jubilee. Moses prayed and the Lord agreed that what the family heads said was right. God commanded that no inheritance was to pass from one tribe to another. In fact, God said it twice (7,9). Zelophehad’s daughters were to curb their right to marry anyone and only marry within their tribal clan.

Nowadays people think that they have been endowed with the all the wisdom they need to find that special person whom they can spend the rest of their days with in wedded bliss. If that is the case then why is there so much marital strife? Why are there so many Hollywood marriages ending after a few months or a couple of years? Why are there so many people opting out of marriage all together?

The reason is that people think that marriage is for their own personal happiness. But this is not so. Personal happiness is a big issue and part of it, but there will be times in our marriages, when we are not happy. There will be fights about things, especially about money related issues and freedom related issues. There will be times of week long periods of deep stress. But, by God’s grace these times may be few and far between, but they do happen. We must not give up on our marriage, but realize that God will bring us through and that we are brought together to serve a higher purpose. Julie and I have been married for over 19 years. Jesus has always been able to bring us through tough times and I have faith he always will. We love one another for many reasons, but one of them is because we married to serve Jesus’ purpose, that is to be a Jesus centered house church for campus mission in the UBF setting. I hope we can be a missionary family one day. It is all about Jesus and his purpose and not our own. When we start to get self centered then things get difficult. It is all about relationship building, building our relationship with Jesus first, then each other second, our kids third and with others whom God has brought into our lives. Relationship building is not easy. It takes time and effort and self denial. It is all for the glory of God and the promotion of Jesus and his gospel and the expansion of the Kingdom of God. It involves selfless love. May the young people in America discover the Biblical view of marriage.

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