Missionary Support Teams

Missionary Support Teams

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This page is dedicated to the development of missionary support groups. I used to pray for Jesus to send out many missionaries in through the church I was involved in. But  I never prayed for Jesus to raise up a strong and vibrant support system to come behind the missionaries and offer up support during the length of the career of the missionary. A pastor may single handedly inspire missionaries to go. But a single pastor can never support missionaries on the mission field. This requires a missionary support team. It requires the co-working of many members of the church. The development of a strong support group is essential for missionary longevity.

Some quotes concerning missionary support teams:

“I am only as good as the people around me.” – In praise of the people who stand by our side and support us day in and day out.

It has been said that for every missionary sent out on the mission field there should be eight people back home, supporting and praying for the team. The team is not just a prayer team, but a support team that covers many facets of missionary support.

(Serving As Senders. By Neal Pirolo. c.1991.)

“From the beginning, we have been conscious that it was not God alone, nor just we two, but there were the “third parties” who made our mission and our lives a success. Those who so faithfully stood by us in gifts and prayers have entered into our labors.”

“Out Of Weakness Strength”, Faith H. Turner. World Radio Missionary Fellowship. Miami Florida. 1968. p. 48

Thankful Words For Prayer/Support Groups By A Career Missionary To Ecuador/Venezuela…Faith Turner (1968)

“In that city we met with a prayer group in the home of a charming lady, Miss Kohler. They truly knew the secret of intercession and have been faithfully upholding the Bible Institute of the Air in prayer ever since. No wonder there has been blessing in the work in Quito, for we are “laborers together with God.” Only eternity will reveal the reward that will be theirs and all of our prayer partners in all parts of the world! My life is “charmed” only because godly people have prayed, “without ceasing” for me ever since I heard the call “Go”- and I obeyed. God has heard and answered.”

“Out Of Weakness Strength”. By Faith Turner. World Radio Missionary Fellowship. C. 1968. page. 227

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Here is a short article on how the home church can support the missionary team.  It is written by Justin Vander Ark, the director of communications and development for “To Every Tribe”. The link to the March 2015 edition, page 19.


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