Moses A. Jesmer and Effie (Day) Jesmer-the brother of Joseph A. Jesmer

Moses A. Jesmer is the brother of my Great-Great Grandfather Joseph A. Jesmer. (Do not confuse him with Moses E. Jesmer who was the son of Joseph A. Jesmer.) He was married to Effie Day. He moved out west with another man, William Day (possibly a relative of his wife), from Princeton to start a business. Moses A. Jesmer moved out west, to Everly Iowa. He later moved to Denver Colorado and opened a store.

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14 Jan 1854 – ____

BIRTH: 14 Jan 1854, Hogansburg, NY

Father: Joseph JESMER

Mother: Julie PLAMONDON

Family 1 : Effie DAY

MARRIAGE: 16 Oct 1879, Princeton, Mille Lacs, MN


















































The siblings of Moses A. Jesmer..

Children: 10 (only 8 listed in 1860 Bombay Census)

Joseph A. Jesmer (Jan. 5, 1833-?) separate house 1860 census

Julia Charlotte Jesmer (Nov15, 1836-Mar. 17, 1926) m. Aug. 2, 1852 Peter Robideau (Nov. 12, 1830-Apr. 4, 1905)

Isabelle (Elizabeth) Jesmer (1838-?)

Rosa Jesmer (1839-?) m. Jul 23, 1863 John Campbell

Adeline May Jesmer (Jul. 19, 1843- Aug 3, 1906) m. Jul 3, 1864 Nelson A. Grow

Adolphus D. Jesmer (Jul. 17, 1846- Apr. 14, 1920) m. Sep. 9, 1868 Julianna Robideau (daughter of Joseph & Catherine)

Nelson (Narcisse) E. Jesmer (May 25, 1848-?) 1860 census

Marcelina (Salina, Mina, Lena) Jesmer (Oct. 16, 1851-?) m. Nov. 17, 1873 Minor J. Parisian (1880 census)

Moses A. Jesmer (Jan. 14, 1854-?) m. Oct. 16, 1879 Effie Day

Resided: Massena NY.; later Greenbush Twns., Mille Lacs Co., Mn. 1867- ?

The following is some information about Everly Colorado, where Moses and Effie lived. 

Everly was founded as Clark, Iowa, in 1884, but soon took its current name because there was already a Clarke, Iowa. Everly incorporated on April 7, 1902.,_Iowa

History: Everly is believed to be named after a Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad conductor or a surveyor when it was surveyed and platted in 1884.  The town was originally named Clark.

Clay Clay Township was the first township in Clay County. When it was created in 1859, it comprised the entire county.

Clark: first name give to town of Everly. Platted as Clark in 1884. Listed as Clark in U.S. Postal Guide from 1885-1897.



BY Samuel Gillespie and James E. Steele



The county of Clay is twenty-four miles square, containing an area of 368,640 acres. It is located in the northwestern part of the state, being in the second tier of counties from the north, and the third from the west boundary of the state. Its soil is a rich dark-colored loam, extending in depth from two to eight feet. Underlying this rich soil is a clay subsoil, which renders it capable of withstanding either drouth or excessive rainfalls. The Little Sioux river and its many tributaries furnish abundant water and excellent drainage. In addition to the Little Sioux there are the Ocheydan, Willow, Prairie, Muddy and Henry creeks. In the eastern part of the county are several lakes, known as Lost Island lake, Swan lake. Virgin lake, Pickerell lake and Mud lake. In these lakes are found an abundance of fish of all kinds. Around these lakes and along these streams are found some of the finest and most fertile lands which Clay is known to possess. The surface of the county is undulating, divested of the many sloughs so usually found in lands of this description. The consequences are that there is very little waste land in the county. The lower lands have proven a great source of profit to the farmers, as they produce an abundance of rich and nutritious grass, which, when cut and properly cared for, makes excellent substitute for tame hay. The farmers have taken advantage of this and yearly tons of this grass have been cut, stacked and pressed, and shipped to eastern markets, realizing for the farmers handsome margins for their labor. There is a scarcity of timber, and with the exception of the extreme southwest part of the county and Gillett’s Grove there is no timber, but this scarcity is supplied by a great many large and beautiful groves, which have been planted and cared for until they have grown to such a size that they not only furnish shade and adorn the farms, but furnish plenty of good firewood. The Little Sioux river is a beautiful stream, and with its serpentine windings measures a distance of nearly seventy-one miles in Clay county. This splendid stream and its broad rich valleys cannot but fill the mind of the beholder with admiration. Its waters are clear and silvery, its bed rocky and sandy, its current slow and steady; its flow and volume constant. Heavy water powers at Spencer and Peterson afford excellent manufacturing facilities, and all along the stream dams might be constructed which would cause thousands of busy wheels to toil in the service of man.

A most excellent clay is found here, and several brick and tile kilns are in active operation and are turning out thousands of brick annually of a superior quality.


The first house built in Everly was a frame structure, sixteen by twenty- four, erected by O. C. Seaverson in 1883, for a residence and section house. The


second one was built in 1884, by Reimer Mundt. O. C. Seaverson and family and a brother were the first residents of Everly.

In 1884 twenty-four families came to Everly and Lone Tree township from Benton county, Iowa. Some of the first settlers in Everly and Lone Tree township were Reimer Mundt, Moses Jesmer, William Day, Louis Scharnberg, John and Charles Scharnberg, H. W. Moehler, Peter Steuben, George Schoerns, Hans Peterson, W. Ahrens, W. Peterson, N. J. Hennings, John Krumbeck, John Tischer, Mell Green, R. Ericksen and A. W. Sleeper. Some of those who came about the same time and settled in Everly were John Adams, Nicholas Schroeder, the Rhode brothers, Deltz and Herman, and Louis Tischer. The same year M. Jennings and Will Day erected the first store building. J. P. Parker was the first mayor of Everly, George Nugent followed him, then A. T. Jones, and Mike Fell, who is the present mayor. The town has four hundred inhabitants.


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