Moses Edward Jesmer and Mae (Mary or May Dugan) Jesmer

Moses Edward Jesmer and Mae (Dugan) Jesmer.

The following is the page for Moses and Mae (Dugan) Jesmer. Moses was my G-grandfather’s, (Nelson A. Jesmer) younger brother. I wanted to get the info I have on Moses, “out there” so that others may enjoy learning about their history. If you have any questions, want some changes or have some info to contribute, please contact me at

Link to info on Moses E. Jesmer  and Mary Jesmer

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Link to pictures of Princeton MN in Moses’ day       Hx of Greenbush township where Moses grew up

Link  to St Otto’s Orphanage where Mae sent the kids    Description of Bright’s Disease

The children of Joseph A. Jesmer: Nelson Adulphus Jesmer,  Sidney Joseph Jesmer,  Mary Jane (Jesmer) RobideauLouis E. Jesmer, William E. Jesmer, Joseph lll Jesmer,  Moses Edward Jesmer,  Eunice Rose (Jesmer) Waldhoff, Eugenia (Jesmer) KaliherAdulphus “Albert” Jesmer,  Ida Jesmer, Delia Alice Jesmer,  Louella (Jesmer) BowenHubert Francis Jesmer;  Baby 1, Baby 2

Moses head pic

moses and 6 siblings

kevins summary

(The following info is and the “generation 1” sheet is provided by Micheal Jesmer (A descendant of Moses) )

Moses Jesmer married Mary C. “May” Duggan on January 7, 1904 in Princeton, Minn, NOT Jan. 10th (I obtained a transcription of the marriage record from the St. Cloud Minnesota Catholic Diocese.)

Moses died on March 6, 1916 at 4 pm. in Princeton, MN of Bright’s Disease.

Mary C. “May” Dugan was the daughter of James Dugan and Nora Kaliher.  James was born in Lexington, Kentucky and moved with his parents to St. George, Benton Co., Minn in 1869-70.  Nora was born in Minn. and lived in Baldwin Township, Sherburne Co., Minn.  May was their first child, born in Princeton on October 17, 1884.  After she became a widow, she married Orrin Henry Otis in Princeton on March 28, 1921.  May died at La Crosse, Wisconsin on November 2, 1948.

Moses and May had 5 children;

  1. Clair L. Jesmer (1904-1980) m. Florence H. Kurth
  2. Albert Jesmer (abt 1908-1928)
  3. Evelyn M. Jesmer (1909-1971) m. Donald Craig Farnsworth
  4. Melba Jesmer (abt 1911-1964) m. Jerome T. Conniff
  5. Bernard Edward Jesmer (1913-1960) m. Lydia Katherine Liberto

All the best,   Michael Jesmer

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