My Review of the Movie, “Mother”. By Kevin E. Jesmer    9-25-17

My Review of the Movie, “Mother”. By Kevin E. Jesmer    9-25-17

I just saw the movie, Mother. There are some wrong assumptions about God. The truth is God does care about nature for it is his creation. God can and does control the flow of history, even if his people are messing things up. God is not cyclical, he is linear and leading his people to the kingdom of God. GOD is wiser than mother nature and not the other way around. There will be a final judgement by fire, but that judgement does no come from Mother Nature, it comes from God himself. Yes God does want us to worship him, but he is not like the Poet who seems to relish in people worshipping and loving him and demands it for his own self-centered reasons…no…our God wants us to worship him for our own good, for a redemptive purpose, so that we can know the one to through whom we can be saved, much like a lighthouse wants to be a bright light to save mariners from being dashed upon the rocks.

There are some things that I agree about the movie. God is a concerned about people who are hurting.  He wants to give them his words of life and comfort, as the poet did. God wants his people to be around him and live in his house, as revealed by the Poet’s invitation to the people to come and stay in the house. God wants to listen and spend time with people, concerning about their struggles. The movie also depicts believers in a negative light. Sometimes it is true however. The people were very self-centered, only wanting to be around the Poet and receive his words, no matter how much they hurt others. They were consumed by their selfishness, even killing one another. They were very quick to judge and give advice, even though their own lives were in shambles, as in the alcoholic lady. They had no concern about nature. Their only concern was to gratify their desires, receive words of comfort from the poet and literally destroy their surroundings and each other. The culture that was spawned by the followers of the poet was filled with violence and exploitation mingled with religion. A sad but true reality in this world. There were moments of light in the extreme darkness. The soldier who was trying to help mother nature. But the light gets snuffed out. (He gets shot). There was a baby born. It is a symbol of purity and beauty and true life. (I am not sure if it is meant to be Jesus or not.) But the worshipers took the beautiful child and did the unthinkable in their deluded attempt to honor and worship the poet. In the end judgement came. I agree that judgement awaits. But that judgement will come from God and not from Mother Nature. I agree that Nature does, in a sense, push back in response to our abuses of it, as we are witnessing even today. Maybe it was the whole idea of global warming that was the inspiration for this movie,

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