Nelson Edward Jesmer and Sarah (Goulding) Jesmer

picture of an urnNelson was my g-g-g uncle. nelson e jesmer and sarah jesmer

He was the brother of my g-g grandfather, Joseph A. Jesmer. He was a rich store owner in Princeton MN. He is probably the man whom my father, was named after and probably the man from whom I got my middle name.

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Link to Joseph and Julia (Plamondon) Jesmer; Nelson’s parents

Pictures of old Princeton MN    Some old store equipment from 1890

A history of Princeton MN

I am not related to your Jesmer line, but have some Polk Seattle City Directories in my personal library.



Albert engineer 3527 Anthony Place

Alvin sawyer Bennett Box Factory 3507 Anthony Place

Mrs. A. janitor Colman Bldg.

  1. Burt baker, Mrs. H.B. 311 Lynn

Mrs. H. Burt baker 76 Public Market, 311 Lynn, 110 W. Republican and 98 1/2 Pike Place, home 311 Lynn

Joseph A. carpenter S.E.Co. 7333 11th Ave. N.W.

Lola M. 450 Wheeler

Nelson E. 450 Wheeler

William W. engineer 3507 Anthony Place



  1. clerk C.W.Chamberlain Co.

H.Burt (Julia A.) baker 101 Pike 6407 Brooklyn ave.

Joseph A. (Elmira R.) carpenter 7333 11th N.W.

Nelson E. (Sarah) real estate 450 Wheeler

Sidney F. clerk 7333 11th Ave. N.W.



Alpha J. (Ruth M.) station operator Shell Co. 7201 1st Ave. N.W.

Joseph A. (Elmira A.) carpenter 7202 1st Ave. N.W.

Marian E. telephone operator NYLI Co. 7202 1st Ave. N.W.

Sadie (widow of Nelson E.) 34 Lynn

Sydney F. bookkeeper FRRM Co. 7202 1st Ave. N.E.

1924 no Sadie or Sarah Jesmer

1926 no Sadie or Sarah Jesmer

I hope this is a help for you.

Jean Strand (Seattle, Washington)

cemetery where NE Jesmer is buried

1-two brothers at a picnic nelson and joseph

sarah jesmer and baby Sarah Goulding Jesmer -head pic


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