Our family trip to Los Angeles Dec 24-30, 2013

We were blessed with a family trip to Los Angeles California to visit Julie’s family and to witness the wedding of our niece Brooke and her new husband Kris. The wedding was held at the home of Brooke’s parents, Dennis and Margaret. It was overlooking a beautiful valley on a beautiful and deep valley. The wedding was officiated by David, Brooke’s uncle. What an honor and a privilege it was to witness the wedding and spend the week with family. Jenn was blessed to be the wedding photographer. Our family could help set up and we could mingle with people from California, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, and Jenn, from Montreal. Some of the other places we went to were the Getty Museum, Huntington Beach Pier, Manhattan Beach Pier, Venice Beach and the homes of several family members. We were also bless to worship at David and Jill’s church. What a trip! What memories to cherish and to hold! Please enjoy the pics.

Rays beach house

julie and kevin at the getty 12-29-13 julie and dom 12-28-13 rays beach house at night 12-29-13 Julie and helen -12-28-13 julies lucky sand dollar 12-29-13 family at daves church 12-29-13 family photo 12-28-13

cutting the cake 12-28-13 brookes family now 12-28-13 wedding day with mom and dad 12-28-13 rings on the hands 12-28-13 brooke and helen 12-25-13 after marriage photo 12-28-13 getting ready to walk 12-28-13

looking out over the valley 12-28-13 Kevin and chris and Dave 12-28-13 Julie and kevin in margarets yard 12-28-13 Julie and Kevin at getty sunset 12-28-13

hope and rays dog 12-28-13

augi at rays house 12-28-13 augi and family eating outside 12-29-13 augi and kids at christmas meal 12-25-13 Augi and cousins 12-30-13 augi hope and sarah 12-28-13 kids with brooke and kris 12-15-13 augi sarah and dad 12-28-13 augi and mom over the valley 12-28-13

at getty 12-29-13 three kids by the pool 12-28-13 taking in the sun 12-28-3

at huntingtin beach pier 12-29-13 sarah and dad at the getty 12-29-13 sarah and augi and hope by pool 12-28-13 sarah by the pool sitting 12-28-13 sarah and Jenn headpic 12-28-13 sarah and karen 12-28-13 sarah throwing gang sing 12-28-13

taking pic at wedding 12-28-13 thinking on the beach 12-29-13 Jenn and kids on escalator 12-30-13 los angeles non stop dave doing the wedding 12-28-13 jenn and kids on rocks 12-29-13 drum circle 12-29-13 on beach with Dave 12-29-13

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