Restaurant Reviews: Geppetto’s Pizza in Little Burgundy, Montreal Quebec.

Restaurant Reviews: Geppetto’s Pizza in Little Burgundy,  Montreal Quebec.  Jenn took Sarah and I out for supper. It was a small, quaint, hipster pizza place. It was all booked up, but the host told us if we can be finished by 7 pm then we can have a table. That was OK with us. Jenn had a pizza cooked in a fire oven. I had a salad and Sarah had some pasta. It was delicious. It all cost about $65. I loved the laid back, hipster atmosphere. It was fun to eat there and be there.  All the waiting staff wore black. If you ever have a chance to go there,  have an reservation so you can stay and laugh and talk, or go to Lili and Oli Cafe across the street.

Geppetto Pizzzeria

2504 rue Notre-Dame O/Charlevoix. Montréal, Québec.   H3J 1N5.  514-903-3737

Listed in The 2013 Yelp 100 Challenge, Little Burgundy/Petite-Bourgogne

This little “Italian-inspired” restaurant is very good, a little gem in the Little Burgundy neighborhood! It might be a bit high on the price side, but the portions are of a good size. They have a very good selection of wine bottles and glasses, and the menu is simply good. I tend to take their pasta or menu of the day, but the pizzas are pretty good, and very different from your average pizza joint. Never had a bad service neither, so it did help to make me love this place.

Overall, my favorite place to go when I’m with people who have difficult culinary tastes.


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