Resteaurant Reviews: Lili and Oli Cafe in Little Burgundy Montreal Quebec

My daughter Jenn, took Sarah and I to a quaint coffee shop in Little Burgundy neighborhood in Montreal Quebec. I had a double espresso. Sarah and I played a game of chess. It was very relaxing. I realized that I am at the age where my kids can almost beat me at chess. But not quite. It was a nice place to talk and laugh and come out of the rain. I loved hearing French spoken. It is a great place to hang out. The following are come pics (personal on online) and some reviews off line.

2515 Rue Notre Dame O

Montreal, Quebec H3J 1N6

laughing at lilo 2014

emble of lili and oli

February 12, 2013 - Cafe Lili and Oli lili and oli sign

Lovely neighborhood, cozy atmosphere. Crowded with people! But i found the coffee is a bit bitter for me. Anyways, it’s a nice and warm place for everybody

One of my favorite study spots. Free wifi and a TV in the corner, always on TSN for short study breaks.  Casual relaxed atmosphere and great coffee and espresso. They offer soy or almond milk if you prefer. (Not all places offer in MTL almond milk).  The baristas are friendly, as are the prices.

They now offer sandwiches and salads along with the usual muffins, croissants and cakes. (And gluten free cookies from a local bakery).  The salads are prepared daily courtesy of Le Kitchen, a great vegan gluten free spot down the street.

Location: On Notre-Dame, east of Atwater, just a a few minutes from Lionel-Groulx. It’s the (almost) perfect place to pop into after spending a few hours at the Atwater market. See ‘service’ below to see why I say ALMOST!
The place: I love the look and vibe of this little café! It’s got this old-school charm to it, with all the wood and antique decor. It’s very small though, so you may or may not get a table. I had dibs on that comfy-looking couch but there was someone sat there when I arrived and I thought it might be a little obnoxious of me to kick’em out.

The coffee: I thoroughly enjoyed that latté – from a flavor perspective, it was pulled superbly. Yum! My only negative is that it was barely lukewarm. I would’ve liked it warmer – I mean, it IS coffee. My friend really liked her Chai latté as well.

Love, love love  Lili and Oli…. what is great about Notre Dame street is you can walk down and get three amazing coffee experiences in less then 30 minutes.

Lili and Oli has great ambiance and is the quintessential neighborhood coffee shop around the corner. Great coffee and nice people.

If you like getting work done do not go on weekends between all the screaming children it can be hard to concentrate.


sarah at lilo 2014

chest pieces at lilo meditating on a move 2014

inside ili and oli coffee on counter menu front door coffee grinder front dest lili and oli the cafe lili and oli lili and oli self 2 February 12, 2013 - Cafe Lili and Oli

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