St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in Thompson

2nd and 3rd Generation page

Working our way down Cree Road, there is the St Lawrence Catholic Church. This was a very well attended church. It was our family church. We identified as Roman Catholic because of my mother. She thought it was good for the family to go and my dad went along. I was baptized there by Father Lapaime, nine days after I was born. They didn’t know what they were going to get when they dedicated me in this way, 22 years later. My aunt and my uncle were my God parents. All my life I thought God parents were the ones you moved in with if your parents died early. I didn’t know that there was a spiritual responsibility. We went every two Sundays basically. I sat in the pews, sometimes in the floor in between the pews. I was bored a lot, not understanding what was going on. I enjoyed looking at the stations of the cross carvings in the wall. I enjoyed the singers at the organ on the front right. My aunt and uncle always sat in the same place. There was the crying baby room in the back. There was always the one person in the back singing really loud. “Who is that?” I thought to myself”. I thought it was strange. I understand them now. My sister and I were confirmed there. I enjoyed the doughnut and coffee time after the Mass, in the hall. This hall was not open to as much festivities as the Ukrainian Hall was. It as not as big. Maybe it wasn’t allowed either. (I am not sure). We also liked going for lunch at the Mystery Lake Hotel or driving around town, looking at the latest yard upgrades. I stopped going to church at 14 years old. Later on, I had a spiritual awakening at 22 years old. I may have seemed bored and not listening as a kid, but a lot of the things I learned growing up in the Catholic church guided me later on. – Kevin Jesmer 2021

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