Ted and Della Jesmer

This page is dedicated to my mom and dad who have been such a blessing to my life and family.

3-family pic at Doris fruneral

list of Harvey and Alices children

Links to the children of Harvey and Alice:  Ted (Nelson Edward) Jesmer and Della Jesmer; Shirley JesmerDoris JesmerDoreen Jesmer;   Harvey Jesmer Ron Jesmer,

Link to life in  Bield MB where Della grew up   Pics of Dauphin MB where Della lived  Link to some old pictures of Dauphin MB.

The town where Ted and Della worked and raised their family, Thompson in 1960’s and 70’s.

Link to the Thompson mine where Ted worked

Link to Jesmer family page

Link to Harvey and Alice Jesmer’s page

Link to Leon and Emily Sawicki page

What do the descendants of Nelson A. Jesmer and Genevieve  look like? 



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