The Parents And Siblings of Mary Anne (Robideau) Jesmer, wife of Joseph A. Jesmer

The Parents And Siblings of Mary Anne (Robideau) Jesmer, wife of Joseph A. Jesmer. 

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It seems that Mary Ann Robideau Jesmer, my Great-Great Grandmother, was one of 18 kids. A review of the genealogist info suggests that she was one of two siblings who made their way out west to Greenbush Township Minnesota. Mary Ann came with her husband, Joseph in 1876. Julia Jesmer came with Peter Robideau. The father of Mary Ann, Louis Robideaux, seems to come to Minnesota after the death of his wife. He appears in the Greenbush census in 1870 where he lived with his son Peter. It seems that the Robideau’s who were married to Jesmers, decided to make the trip westward to Minnesota.

Parents and Siblings of Mary Ann Robideau Jesmer

Louis Robideau [Parents] was born in 1794. He was christened in St Joachim, PQ, CAN. He died on 3 Sep 1886 in Greenbush Twp, Mille Lacs, MN. He was buried in Greenbush Cmtry, Greenbush Twp, Mille Lacs, MN. He married 1 Marie Felicite (Sophie) Vivais on 27 Nov 1820 in St Regis, Huntingdon, PQ, CAN.


Marie Felicite (Sophie) Vivais [Parents] was born 1 in <1801> in Montreal, PQ. She was christened on 11 Jul 1803 in Basilique Notre-Dame, Montreal, PQ. She died on 8 Feb 1866 in Racquette River, Massena, Franklin, NY. She was buried on 10 Feb 1866 in St Regis Mission, Huntingdon, PQ, CAN. She married 2 Louis Robideau on 27 Nov 1820 in St Regis, Huntingdon, PQ, CAN.


They had the following children:

M i Joseph Robideau
M ii Louis Robideau was born on 6 Jan 1823 in Ft Covington, Franklin, NY. He was christened 1 on 8 Jan 1823 in St Regis, Huntingdon, PQ.
M iii Francois Albert Robideau
M iv Francois Xavier Robideau
F v Marguerite Robideau
M vi Pierre Robideau was born on 27 Jun 1829. He was christened on 5 Jul 1829 in St Regis RC, Huntingdon, PQ. [Notes]
M vii Peter Robideau
F viii Marcelline Robideau was born in 1831 in Massena, St Lawrence, NY.
F ix Christiana Robideau
F x Marcelline Robideau was born in 1834 in Massena, St Lawrence, NY.
M xi Boy Robideau was born in 1836 in Massena, St Lawrence, NY.
F xii Marie Anne Robideau
F xiii Catherine Robideau
F xiv Marie Robideau
M xv Olivier Robideau was born in 1844 in Bombay, Franklin, NY.
F xvi Julia Robideau was born in 1847 in Bombay, Franklin, NY.
F xvii Felicite (Philena) Robideau was born in 1848 in Bombay, Franklin, NY.
M xviii Andrew Robideau was born in 1852 in Bombay, Franklin, NY.

Louis Robideau

Inscription on tombstone at Greenbush Catholic Cmtry says died 3 Sep 1886, “92 years” <1794>. Rabideau book states birthdate 2 Jul 1800.

The Princetonb Union issues on microfil are missing from the years 1884-1890.
Princeton Union, Sep 3, 1936 “50 years later”
Louis Robideau, father of Messrs. Joseph and Peter Robideau, died at the residence of his son, Peter, last Saturday evening (note: Saturday would have been Sep 4, 1886). The deceased was 95 years old (note: b<1791>) and a native of Canada. He came to this state about 18 years ago (note: <1868>, and has since resided with his son, Peter. The funeral occurred from the Catholic chapel in Greenbush on Sunday, and was largely attended by relatives and neighbors.

1850 NY, Franklin, Bombay – Name Age
Lewis Rabido 50
Nancy Rabido 50
Peter Rabido 20
Marsellus Rabido 19
Christiana Rabido 18
Mary Ann Rabido 12
Catherine Rabido 10
Mary Rabido 8
Levi Rabido 6
Julia Rabido 3

1860 NY, Franklin, Bombay (Hogansburg)- indexed as Lewis “Rbada” <1798> wife Philena (both bCAN)
Name Age
Lewis Rbada 62
Philena Rbada 62
Christiana Rbada 23
Catharine Rbada 22
Mary Rbada 19
Andrew Rbada 8
Philena Rbada 12
all children born, NY

1870 MN, Mille Lacs, Greenbush- Peter “Rubado” wife Julia w/ch Libbie, Chris, M, Julia, Peter, MJ, Edie, Nelson, Melvina, and Peter’s dad, Louis

On the 1875, MN, Greenbush, he is 80. Louis “Robiden”

1880 census MN, Mille Lacs, Greenbush- living w/son Peter

Marie Felicite (Sophie) Vivais

on her baptismal lines it states that she is aged “deux ans et jour”, that is: “two years and days”

On her daughter Marie’s baptismal record in 1842 she is identified as Felicite “Jeremie”, an error in that she was Jeremie’s daughter

1860 census NY, Franklin, Bombay (Hogansburg) she is indexed as “Philena” <1798> Drouin: Hogansburg; Registre pour les Blancs et les Sauvage
“Burial of the woman of Louis Robidoux of the Raquette. Deceased 8 Feb 1866. Present Pierre Robidoux and Pierre Taillon. St Regis 11 Feb 1866. Fr Marcoux”

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