Thomas N. Larracey and Lucy Chrystal Larracey- The parents of Alice Nugent.

Thomas N. Larracey and Lucy Chrystal Larracey.The parents of Alice Nugent, Ken Larracey Nugent’s mother. Thomas and Lucy are Ken’s maternal grandparents. 

The lineage….

Thomas N. Larracey and Lucy Chrystal Larracey

John Kindread Nugent and Alice L. Larracey Nugent

John Kenneth “Ken” Larracey Nugent and Mary Helen (Mass) Nugent “Helen”

Lucy Larracey. She was a teacher.

photo thomas and lucy larracey- grave stone



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Link to John Kinread Nugent and Alice Larracey Nugent (Thomas’ daughter)

Thomas was born 12-26-1868 in Irish Town New Brunswick. Lucy was born on 2-10-1871 in South Branch Kent County New Brunswick Canada. (Lucy was born in 1871 according to he gravestone.)

Thomas started out as a farmer and moved to Moncton New Brunswick. He had job to start the fire in the stove at the school and that is how he met his wife, Lucy, who was teacher. He was married to Lucy on 11-21-1901 in St Angeline. He and his wife ran a neighborhood store that started out in a front porch. Thomas owned a camp about 10 miles out of Moncton NB. There was well water there and it was near a forest. He spent a lot of time there. He was a nice man and loved to talk politics. Many felt he was their favorite relative. He was also a tax collector. He had strong Catholic faith and went to mass regularly. Lucy died on 10-28-1932 in Irishtown NB., at the age of 61. Thomas died 1-1958 in Irishtown at the age of 91.

Thomas’ parents were William Larracey, born on 4-27-1843 in New Brunswick Canada.  William died in 1909 on IrishtownNB. William was baptized in St JohnNB. He was thought to have been a ship builder. He married Alice (Ally) Donahue 7-21-1866 at St Angeline Church. Alice was born on 7-8-1846 in Irish TownNB.

Lucy’s parents were James Jr. Chrystal, born in 1838 in Sligo. And Lucy’s mother was Mary Ann Kearns, born in 1839 in Sligo. James Jr. and Mary married 12-20-1869.

Their kids probably helped out in the family store and spent time enjoying nature at the family camp.

All of their children six were born in Irishtown NB.


  1. Rev Sister M. Blanche b. 1902 (Birth name: Bernice Clair. “Sister Blanche” teacher)
  2. Cecil James. CNR Shops b. 1903 Ann Loretta Gallagher (m. 7-27-49 London Ont. d. 11-1996)
  3. Alice Leona. Secretary b.11-2-1906   d. 2-25-1965 John Kinread Nugent
  4. Bernard. Big Steel Co. Boston. b.1904 d. 6-21-1971 in W. Roxbury Mass. Florence Breen
  5. Evelyn Lucy. Secretary Telephone co. b. 1912 d. 1996 Gerald “Jerry” Murphy
  6. Mildred Mary Maude “Mim” b. 6-23-1910 d. 1-3-1980. John Patrick Dowd (m. 9-22-41)

Their daughter, Alice Larracey married John Kinread Nugent at St Bernard’s Catholic Church in Moncton New Brunswick. She worked as a secretary. She liked to bowl, curl and participate in some community club activities.  Alice died of lung cancer in February 1965.

Irish Town Cemetery.  St Lawrence O’Toole Parish 

Thomas Larracey Headstone 4   row 74

Irishtown is a community located in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada. The community is situated in southeastern New Brunswick, to the north of Moncton on Route 115.,_New_Brunswick

Picture of Thomas and Lucy Larracey grave stone.

1901 census. This shows the siblings of Thomas Larracey

Numbered in order of visitation Personal Description Links
Name of each person in family or household on 31st March, 1901. Sex. C
to head of
family or
widowed or
Month and date of birth. Year of birth. Age at last birthday.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 36 Hennessy Beatrice T.? F Daughter S Mar 4 1897
2 37 Larracey William M Head M Apr 27 1843
3 37 Larracey Alice F Wife M Jul 8 1846
4 37 Larracey Thomas N.? M Son S Dec 26 1868
5 37 Larracey William E. M Son S Aug 22 1879
6 37 Larracey Ellen F Daughter S Aug 6 1881
7 37 Larrecey Joseph A. M Son S Mar 19 1883
8 37 Larracey Mary F Daughter S Feb 24 1885
9 37 Larracey Margaret F Daughter S Oct 13 1887

1891 census

William and Alice’s Larracey’s family in 1891 census 

10 104 Larracey William M 50 M Head 56890 Search
11 104 Larracey Alice F 44 M Wife 8901 Search
12 104 Larracey Thomas M 22 Son 8901* Search
13 104 Larracey Alice F 20 Daughter 89 Search
14 104 Larracey John M 18 Son 89 Search
15 104 Larracey Leonia F 15 Daughter 89 Search
16 104 Larracey Edward M 11 Son 8901 Search
17 104 Larracey Ellen F 9 Daughter 90* Search
18 104 Larracey Joseph A M 7 Son 901* Search
19 104 Larracey Mary F 5 Daughter 90* Search
20 104 Larracey Marget F 3 Daughter 90* Search

 This census shows the children of Thomas Larracey and Lucy, his wife

27 64 Larracey Thomas N Irishtown M Head M Dec 1869 41 8901*
 28 64 Larracey Susy E F Wife M Dec 1872 38 01
 29 64 Larracey Clara B F Daughter S Jun 1902 8
30 64 Larracey Cecil J M Son S Jul 1903 7
31 64 Larracey Bernard R M Son S Oct 1904 6
 32 64 Larracey Alice S F Daughter S Nov 1906 4
33 64 Larracey Mildred M F Daughter S Jun 1910 11/12

Corrected: Susy is actually Lucy E. Larracey
map of irish town mocton area


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