Thomas Soquet and Henriette Winant (wife)

Thomas SOCQUET, 1803 – 1870

Parents of Thomas Soquet

Thomas SOCQUET was born on month day 1803, at birth place, to Jean Pierre SOQUET and Marie Thérèse SOQUET (born ROSE).

Jean was born on June 30 1769, in Nethen, 1390, BRABANT WALLON, WALLONIE, BELGIQUE.

Marie was born on February 23 1774, in Nethen, 1390, BRABANT WALLON, WALLONIE, BELGIQUE.

Thomas had one sister: Marie Joseph SOQUET.

Thomas married Henriette SOCQUET (born WINANT) on month day 1826, at age 23 at marriage place.

Henriette was born on February 10 1804, in Court-Saint-Etienne, 1490, BRABANT WALLON, WALLONIE, BELGIQUE.

They had 4 children.

Thomas passed away on month day 1870, at age 66 at death place.

Soquet, Thomas               20 Dec 1803        Nethen, Brabant, Belgium            Jean Pierre Soquet (F)    Marie Therese Rose (M)        27 Dec 1826 Marriage    Nethen, Brabant, Belgium            Henriette Winant (wife)

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