Towns that Nelson A. and Jenny Jesmer lived in throughout his life.

Towns that Nelson A. and Jenny Jesmer lived in throughout their lifetimes.  These towns are where they lived. The entries are basically histories of the towns and some significant newspaper articles and pictures.

4-hogansburg downtown

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Link to Nelson Jesmer documents     Biographical letter by Jesse Johnson  

How the Jesmers came to Minnesota

Link to Joseph A. Jesmer (Nelson’s Dad)

One reason why I set out to do this. At various times throughout my life my father (Ted Jesmer) mentioned about Nelson A. Jesmer. (my g-grandfather) I knew very little about him, except that he was born in America, that he was a rich man and that he had three children, one of which was my grandfather, Harvey Jesmer. It was also mentioned that he would have passed on his wealth if it were not for the Depression, which robbed him of it. That is about all I knew. And that is more than anyone would know if  someone did not set out to find out the details of this man’s life. And so my father, Nelson E. (Ted) , set out to find out as much as he could on Nelson’s life. There was much to be learned about him. A great paper trail was left behind concerning this man, with which his entire life could be painted He was frequently in the newspapers of every community he lived in. He loved local politics and was a small business entrepreneur. He was a pioneer of every place he moved to. He is especially important because he was involved in the pioneering of the Western USA by the Jesmer family and also he was the one brought our branch of the family tree to Western Canada.   Many of his life events were documented in one way or another or could be extrapolated from several other sources. I was amazed. I began to know who Nelson A. Jesmer was in detail. And so I set out to document the findings that my father, Ted and myself made in a meaningful way. Since then, genealogy has been a hobby of mine and something I can share with my dad. I can also share what I learned with others. Even you.

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Hogansburg and Bombay New York (5 miles apart. Nelson lived on a farm in between the towns)

Greenbay Wiscocin (Jenny’s birthplace)

Greenbush Township

Princeton Minnesota


Ashland Wisconcin

Bessemer Michigan


Hibbing Minnesota

Langdon North Dakota

Quill City Saskatchewan



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