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(Gordon) Clair Robinson- Jessie Jesmer’s uncle who farmed in Paswegin

(Gordon) Clair Robinson- Jessie Jesmer’s uncle who farmed in Paswegin Saskatchewan. Clair was one of Jessie (Johnson) Jesmer’s uncles. He was a single man, who farmed next to Harvey and Alive Jesmer in the hamlet of Paswegin. He was the son of Arthur and Jessie Robinson. The children of Arthur and Jessie Robinson;  Lynn, Clair, […]


Arthur and Jessie (Lytle) Robinson

Arthur Robinson and Jessie (Lytle) Robinson Arthur and Jessie were pioneers in the Paswegin area in 1906. They had built a homestead about 6 miles NW from Paswegin. They had nine kids, one of which (Hugh Allen) died of diphtheria in 1902. They were the grandparents of Jessie (Johnson) Jesmer, the wife of Carl Jesmer. […]


George A. Johnson and Lillie (Robinson) Johnson

George A. and Lillie (Robinson) Johnson…The Parents of Jessie (Johnson) Jesmer Please note: When reading this, keep in mind that it gets a little complicated because there are two Jessie’s to keep in mind and many teachers. Jessie (Lytle) Robinson is the grandmother of Jessie (Johnson) Jesmer. Link to Arthur and Jessie (Lytle) Robinson, Jessie […]


Papers of Frank Albert Mass

Rescued Papers of Frank Albert Mass “Albert” Link to main page of Albert and Sarah Mass I recently was shown some papers of Albert Mass (My wife’s (Julie) maternal grandfather.) They were in a house fire and were saved by Michelle (Nugent) Sanchez, Julie’s sister. I took photos and edited them the best I could. […]