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Jesus’ Trial, Suffering, Death and Resurrection from Luke’s Gospel

The following are the messages and audio recordings of the Easter Bible School, hosted by DuPage and NIU UBF at the DuPage UBF Bible house. The conference was held from 4-13-12 to 4-15-12. The contents of the Bible school involved the studying of  the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. There was a movie night, “Letters to God.”  (Click for web site). There was lots of delicious food and good fellowship. We praise God for this Bible school.

Video called, the Road to Calvary. It is good summary of this series. Click here.


Day 1:Jesus Trial. Luke 22:63-23:24. Praise Band (NIU UBF)  Messengers (Msn David Kim, Amanda) Prayer topics: Kevin Jesmer

Lesson 1: Jesus Trial. Luke 22:63-23:24/ Jesmers 3 songs easter bible 4-13-12/ Luke 22b-23a messages audio 4-13-12/ Luke 22b-23a- 1 word sharing audio/ msge text 1/ msge text 2/ questions

This is the trial of Jesus before the Caiaphas, the High Priest,  from the movie  “The Passion of The Christ”. Click here to view.

A video of Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin from the movie. “Jesus of Nazareth” Click here.

Video of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. There is narrative included. Click here. 

Video of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. From, “The Passion”  Violin background music. Click here.


Day 2: The Suffering and Death Of Jesus. Lk 23:26-56. Praise Band (NIU UBF)  Messengers (Paola and #Matthew Monroe#) Prayer topics: Gideon Bahn

Lesson 2: The Suffering and Death Of Jesus. Lk 23:26-56. / Jesmers singing 3 praise songs 4-14-12/ Luke 23b-messages 4-14-12/ Luke 23b-1 word sharing 4-14-12/ msge text 1/ msge text 2 / /questions

Video of Jesus’ passion. Sung to “Worthy is the Lamb”.  Click here.

Video of the death of Jesus and Resurrection from The Passion. Only the movie. Click here.


Day 3: The Resurrection of Jesus. Lk 24:1-35. Praise Band (DuPage UBF)  Messengers (#Matt C.# and Kevin Jesmer) Prayer topics: Jeremy Hajek

Day 3: The Resurrection of Jesus. Lk 24:1-35. /DuPage UBF praise 3 songs 4-15-12/ Luke 24_1-35 msges 4-15-12 / Luke 24ab- 1 word sharing 4-15-12./Message text 1/ Message text 2Luke 24b-power point/ questions

Video of the last scene of the movie, “The Passion” Click here.

Video of the Resurrection from John’s Gospel.  Song by Hillsong. Click here.

Video of Jesus’ world mission command from “Jesus of Nazareth” Click here.

To see more pictures of the Bible School (click here)

To read the conference/summary report (click here)

Testimony Sharing By Jesmer Kids:   tstmy sharing-jesmers-4-22-12


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