Missionary work: Unreached People Groups

Unreached People Groups

Though we are house churches, operating in a local setting, we must think about Jesus’ world mission command. Think globally/Act locally. But there are times when we must cross massive cultural and language barriers in order to obey God’s will in our lives. This may mean being a missionary to an unreached people group. To learn more about UPGs and UUPGs, we encourage you click to see the videos. They are truly heart moving and house churches will play a pivital role in reaching these people with love of Jesus.

Link to missions to the First Nations People of NW Ontario.  (They are reached people. There are lots of Christians there.  But we are praying to send people to communities to humbly serve and support the work of God…if God wills it.)


John Piper – 1,568 Un-Engaged Peoples Left (desiring God):

You Should Know (MUP)

Multiply: Chad (Pioneers)

Are We There Yet? (IMB)

Unreached People Groups (Pioneers via AsiaLink)

Muslim Unreached People Groups (Frontiers UK)

For Further Info on UPGs and UUPGs:

IMB Global Research

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