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No more holy huddles. by Steve Shadrach. 8-28-17

No more holy huddles by Steve Shadrach Executive Director, Center for Mission Mobilization, Fayetteville, AR 8-28-17 Link to original article  Christians can be a rather narrow, exclusive, even insecure lot. It seems as if the longer people are Christians, the fewer non-believing friends they have. Oftentimes Christian students perpetuate this self-imposed insulation and end up […]


FIVE WAYS TO BLESS YOUR NEIGHBORS. Dave Ferguson. (Accessed 5-11-16)

FIVE WAYS TO BLESS YOUR NEIGHBORS.  Dave Ferguson. 5-11-16 Link to the 3 min video on converters verses blessers and how to be a blessing.  Link to original article  He says, “From the very beginning, God’s way of reaching and restoring the world has always been through what I would call a blessing strategy…how do […]


Session 2: Engage Your Family – How to Share the Gospel With Our Family

Session 2:  Engage Your Family – How to Share the Gospel With Our Family 9/18/13    Group discussion facilitated by Pastor Steve. Note taking and expounding by Kevin E. Jesmer  return to world mission page      outline to this discussion return to KBC Link      link to the Engage 2013 page Matthew 13:57b-58, “But […]


“Spend More Time In Study And Prayer” – If Billy Graham could do it over again

“Spend More Time In Study And Prayer”  “ If Graham had the opportunity to live his life over again, he said there are things he would do differently. “I would study more. I would pray more, travel less, take less speaking engagements. I took too many of them in too many places around the world,” […]