Scope of Activities Of Our House Church:

Scope of Activities Of Our House Church:

kevin and hope1. We invite people to have fellowship with us and (God willing) 1:1 Bible study. In Bible study people are asked to consider a series of questions that would encourage a discussion of the passage being studied.

2. Sunday Worship Service.  We attend a community Bible Church.  It lasts about 1 ½ hours. They have praise and worship, Bible reading and singing worship songs. The preaching is based on a Bible passage and they usually cover whole books of the Bible. We serve in different ways to support the service.

the church at msn sending 10-11-15

3. Group studies. These are held two times a year at the church office.  They are led by elders of the church and cover a variety of topics.

4. Prayer meetings. A small group of people gather every two weeks to pray for our mission to First Nations in Canada.

5. Kevin is functioning as a networker for the sending of missionaries to the First Nations people.

6.  Network of Nations. We try to help organize our church to serve meals to, and fellowship with, International students at the Intercultural Cafe

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