Audio Bible messages by Kevin Jesmer-Judges

The Book of Judges

Judges 1a-audio 1-29-12 Lesson 1: Further Conquest Of The Land /questions/text/

Judges 1b-2a-audio 2-5-12  Lesson 2: Come Before The Lord/ questions/ text/

Judges 2b-audio 2-12-12 Lesson 3: The Lord Raised Up Judges/questions/text/

Judges 3a-audio 2-19-12  Lesson 4: He Raised Up For Them A Deliverer/Quest/ text/ PPP

Judges 3b audio /Lesson 5: God Delivers. Ehud and Shamgar/Quest/ textJudges 3b-power point

Judges 4a audio 3/14/12 Lesson 6: Deborah-A Mother in In Israel /questions/textJudges 4-5-power point

Judges 6b-audio 3-18-12   Lesson 8: Gideon Lays Out  Fleece  /questions/text/  Judges 6b-PPP

Judges 7-audio 3-25-12 Lesson 9: The Lord Saves!Trust & Obey/ Ques/ text /

Judges 8 audio /Lesson 10:Let The Lord Rule/ Quest/text/Judges 8-power point /Judges 8-tstmny sharing audio 4-29-12

Judges 9-message audio 4-29-12 /Lesson 11: A Man Who Failed/ Quest/ text/ Judges 9-power point /

Judges 10- Audio 5-20-12 /Lesson 12: Put away false “gods” / Quest/ text/Judges 10-power point/ Judges 10-testimony sharing/

Judges 13 Wife of Manoah 5-13-12/Lesson 13: Wife of Manoah/ Quest/ text/Judges 13-power point /



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