Atheism                        Is Atheism based on myth?


The Center of the Bible.  Amazing! The chapter and verses are n0 mistake.

Campus Ministry

Thanks Video     From CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) What an effect! 2012


Community Evangelism:    Imagine what God can do to a whole community

Unreached People groups     Josiahventure (a missionary organization)

 Holy Land                  Jerusalem and holy land  by air (8 minutes)

House Church  Ministry

House Church pastor from an Asian country: an interview (16 min)

What is a simple church?    A video on the house church movement

Only what is done for Christ will last

Caesarea: Only whats done for Christ.   a video showing the futility of living for anything  other than Jesus


Persecution of Christians in Pakistan

Serving Others

Video on the passing on good deeds 

The Passion Week

Jesus’ suffering and death and resurrection video set to music. (warning: there are graphic images of what Jesus really endured for our sakes. There was no other way for us to be saved. Click on the image to view.)

Video called, the Road to Calvary. It is good summary of this series. Click here.

A video of the anointing of Jesus by Mary from the book of John (click here)

A video of The Last Supper with his disciples-from the Passion of the Christ. Click here.

A video explaining the Last Supper including some facts of the Jewish practice Click here.

A video of Jesus’ prayer at Gethsemane. The movie, The Passion. English & Arabic.  Click here.

A video/song of Jesus in the Garden. Song by Micheal Card. Click here.

A video/song about Jesus pleading with Peter to pray with him. Click here.

This is the trial of Jesus before the Caiaphas, the High Priest,  from the movie  “The Passion of The Christ”. Click here to view.

A video of Jesus on trial before the Sanhedrin from the movie. “Jesus of Nazareth” Click here.

Video of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. There is narrative included. Click here. 

Video of Jesus’ trial before Pilate. From, “The Passion”  Violin background music. Click here.

Video of Jesus’ passion. Sung to “Worthy is the Lamb”.  Click here.

Video of the death of Jesus and Resurrection from The Passion. Only the movie. Click here.

Video of the last scene of the movie, “The Passion” Click here.

Video of the Resurrection from John’s Gospel.  Song by Hillsong. Click here.

Video of Jesus’ world mission command from “Jesus of Nazareth” Click here.

Spiritual Gifts

How one painter used his painting talents for God’s glory

Spiritual Growth      Greg Laurie’s series on spiritual growth

Self Image

Doll Face    a video showing that we must be happy with how God made us.

Unreached People Groups

Series of 6 videos on reaching the unreached

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