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The Deep Meaning of the Name, Mens Clara Meekis

What Is the Meaning of the Name; Mens (Clara) Meekis?      Who was Mens (Clara) Meekis? Let’s first consider her name. Her parents were very thoughtful to name her Mens Clara. This was discovered from a post made by John Jackson, the son of Rose Jesmer and the grandson of Donald and Clara. He wrote, […]


Traditions and Culture of the People of Sandy Lake. (Deer Lake Citizens are related to Sandy Lake).

Traditions and Culture of the People of Sandy Lake Favourite Foods The people of Sandy Lake were hunters and gathers and this tradition of living off the land continues. Wild game is still a staple in the diets of many people. Moose, rabbit, root from the marsh-make into tea/grind into powder/ edible paste. Some of […]


History of Sandy Lake and Deer Lake First Nations Ontario

A History of Deer Lake First Nation      In 1910, Robert Fiddler, the son of Jack, signed Treaty 5 at the east end of Deer Lake, and the Deer Lake First Nation began its formal relationship with the Government of Canada and the British Crown. The Fiddlers and many others soon left for better farming […]