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Rosanna Nancy (Jessmere) Greenwood

Link to Benjamin and Nancy (Premau) Jasmin Duhaut

Rosanna Nancy (Jessmere) Greenwood

Link to Benjamin and Nancy (Premau) Jasmin Duhaut

Louis and Mary (Jesmer) Kirkey

Mary married into the Kirkey family. I have also posts that Kirkey stands for Cartier. It could be an anglicized form of that name.

Link to Benjamin and Nancy Jasmin Duhaut, Mary’s parents

Children of Louis and Susanna Jasmin Duhaut

This couple had many kids, as did most French-Canadian Catholic families.

Link to Louis and Susanna Jasmin Duhaut’s main page

Infant Jasmin, Marie Suzanne Jasmin, Jean Baptist Jasmin (1.5 years old), Louis Jesmer, Jean Baptist Jasmin, Benjamin Jasmin, Antoine Jasmin, Joseph Jasmin (Jesmer), Julia Jasmin, Marie Jasmin, William Jessemain, Basile Jasmin, Catherine Jasmin (1year old), Augustin Charles or Justin Jasmin.

Mary (Jesmer) Kirkey

Marie Suzanne Jasmin

Amos V. and Lena Jesmer

 Amos V. and Lena Jesmer

Mark Terra-Thomas’ mother, Mary Alice Thomas (Jesmer) was the daughter of Amos V Jesmer the son of Benjamin Jesmer.

John Damas and Ann Jesmer (

                                Different Names on the Internet

Amos Jesmer

Amos V. Jesmer

Lena (Shenell) Jesmer

Children of Amos and Lena

Russel Jesmer

Helen Jesmer

Rose Jesmer

Mary Alice (Thomas) Jesmer

Benjamin and Louise Jesmer

Benjamin Jesmer; son of John Edward and Ann Jesmer

Link to John Damase and Ann Jesmer, Benjamin’s parents

     Different Names on the Internet

Benjamin Jesmer

Benjimon Jessmer

Ben Jessimer

                                                          Louise Jessmer (born Felio)

Children of Benjamin and Louise (Felio) Jesmer

Bernadette (Jesmer) Christman

Tressa Lottie (Loukes) (Jesmer) Britton

Pearl M. Jelly

Amos V Jessmer

John Damas and Ann Jesmer

John is the son of Benjamin and Nancy Jasmin Duhaut.

Link to Benjamin and Nancy Jasmin Duhaut, John’s parents

Link to John’s siblings

John Edward (Damase) Jesmer and Ann (Champyne) Jesmer

 Different Names on the Internet

John Damas Jesmer                         

John Edward (Damase) Jesmer  

John Jessmer

John/Damase Jesmer

Ann Champant Shapyne Jesmer

Mary Ann Jesmer (born Shampine)

Ann Jessmer

Anne Shampine

                         Children of John Edward (Damase) and Ann

Benjamin JESMER

 Christiann\Ann JESMER

 Edward JESMER

 Minnie JESMER

Benjamin Duhaut Jasmin, 14 year old son of Bejamin and Nancy.

Link to Benjamin’s parents, Benjamin and Nancy Jasmin.

Link to Benjamin’s siblings

Benjamin Jesmer, 1849 – 1863

Benjamin Jesmer was born in 1849, in birth place, New York, to Benjamin Jesmer and Marie Josephe Nancy Jesmer (born Primeau).Benjamin, was born in December 1804, in Racket River, Massena, New York, USA. Marie was born in 1806, in Canada.Benjamin had 13 siblings: Christiana Scholastique Cartier (born Jesmer), Levi Jesmer and 11 other siblings.Benjamin passed away in 1863, at age 14 in death place.

He seems to have died in 1863 at the age of 14. It was mentioned that he could have died in the Civil War. His name is not in the rosters. But he may have had to lie about name his name.

Benjamin and Nancy Duhaut Jasmin additional information.

Here are some additional screen shots I found online about Benjamin and Nancy. Benjamin is the brother of my g-g-g-grandfather Joseph Jesmer.

Link to Benjamin and Nancy’s main page

Link to Louis and Suzanne Jasmin Duhaut, Benjamin’s parents

Benjamin Jasmin Duhaut and Nancy (Primeau).

Link to Louis and Suzanna Duhaut Jasmin, Benjamin’s parents

Link to Bemjamin and Nancy’s kids

Additional information about Benjamin and Nancy

Benjamin and his wife, Mary, are known in the “genealogy world” by many names. This was very common. People went my nick names. Some may not have known how to spell. They were at the mercy of English speaking census takers and government officials who wrote down what they thought they heard from the mouths of French Canadians. Here are some name variations that I found…

                        Different Names on the Internet

Benjamin Jasmin-Duhaut

Benjamin Duhaut Jasmin

Benjamin Duhault dit Jesmer

Benjamin Duhaut Jesmer

Benjamin Duhault Jesmer

Nancy Primeau

Mary Josephe Premo

Marie Josephe Premo

Mary Jesmer

Marie Josephte Nancy Jesmer

Marie Josephe Nancy Primeau

     Benjamin Jasmin-Duhaut was born to Louis-Joseph dit Duhaut and Marie Susanna Asselin. Louis was born on 8-13-1773 in Montreal Quebec Canada. He was a French speaking catholic farmer who eventually moved his family near Cornwall Ontario and then to the area around Massena/Hogansburg/Bombay Upper State New York.

    Benjamin Jasmin-Duhaut. Benjamin was born December 1804. He was the sixth child of fourteen siblings. A sister was Marie (Jesmer) Meyers:   

     Benjamin married Nancy Primeau on Oct 11, 1824. A link on the internet stated that Benjamin married Mary Josephe Premo. She could have went by “Nancy”. Together they had eleven children.

 The Children of Benjamin and Mary “Nancy” Premo Jesmer

Benjamin and Mary Jesmer had many children. That was common. I could find eight out of thirteen.

Christiana Scholastique (Jesmer) Cartier who was born in 8-5-1825. She married John Kirkey.

Mary (Jesmer) Kirkey (b. 9-4-1827), who married Louis Kirkey on 12-25-1843.

Rosanna Nancy (Jessmere) Greenwood :

Levi Jesmer,

Louise “Lucy” Jesmer b. 1839

Julia Ann Jesmer

John Edward (Dasane) Jesmer, born on 1841- 1912 in Massena New York.

Benjamin Jesmer, born in 1849-1863, in Massena New York. He was 14 years old when he died.

Note: Christiana Scholastique (Jesmer) Cartier

I think that Kirkey is an anglicized version of Cartier.

Here are some links to genealogical information.

Mary “Nancy” Premo:

Benjamin Duhaut Jasmin:

Benjamim Duhaut Jasmin (1804 – 1892)

Benjamim Duhaut Jasmin aka Duhault dit Jesmer

Born 1804 in Massena, St. Lawrence, New York, United States

Son of Louis Joseph Duhaut Jasmin and Suzanne Marie (Asselin) Jesmer

Brother of Marie (Jesmer) Myers


Father of Rosanna Nancy Jessmere

Died 1892 at about age 88 in Stockholm, St. Lawrence, New York


Benjamin was born in 1804. He was the son of Louis Joseph Duhaut Jasmin and Suzanne Asselin. He passed away in 1892.

Sources: US Census, 1840, 1850, 1860, Massena, New York

Benjamin Duhaut Jesmer, 1804 – 1892

Benjamin Duhaut Jesmer was born in month 1804, in birth place, New York, to Louis Laurent Duhault Jasmin and Marie Susanne Duhault Jasmin (born Asselin).

Louis was born on August 13 1773, in Quebec, Canada.

Marie was born on March 2 1779, in Les Cèdres, Soulanges, Québec, Canada.

Benjamin was baptized in 1805

Benjamin married Marie Josephte Nancy Jesmer (born Primeau) on month day 1824, at age 20.

Marie was born on September 22 1807, in Les Cèdres, Vaudreuil-Soulanges, Quebec, Canada.

They had 11 children: Levi Jesmer, Louise Jesmer and 9 other children.

Benjamin lived in 1840, in New York.

He lived in 1840, in New York.

He lived in 1880, in New York.

Benjamin passed away on month day 1892, at age 87 in New York.

He was buried in New York.

Newspaper Clips for Minor and Marceline (Jesmer) Parisian.

From the Princeton Union.