Why House Church Ministry?

A video by House2house ministry that is a good description of  simple house church ministry. (Click on video to view.)

The house church is very effective revealing the Gospel of God’s grace. Let’s think of some of the benefits.

1. In a house church setting there is accountability. Throughout history, one of the weaknesses of Christianity has been hypocrisy. Christians tend to act one way on Sundays and another way throughout the week. But in a house church setting, Christian teachings and real life intersect every day.

2. House church settings help us to obey Christ’s command to love each one another. (Jn 15:17) Earlier, in Romans chapters 12-15, Paul taught practical Christian ethics. Among all the teachings on loving each other, he wrote, “Share with God’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.” (Rom 12:13) In our individualistic culture, which puts a premium on selfish living and privacy, it is easy for our love for each other to grow cold. This is one of the characteristics of the End Times. But in a house church, we can practice loving one another.

3. In a house church setting we can reflect the very heart of God. Throughout the Bible we see that God is very personal, close and intimate in his relationships with his people. It is hard to reflect these qualities in larger groups, but in a house church it is possible.

4. You can learn Jesus’ lifestyle a little more deeply. When we reflect on the lifestyle of Jesus, he gave up his privacy in order to live with 12, ragtag disciples. He was with them continually, every day. They stayed at peoples’ homes together. They camped out under the stars together. It is a hard lesson, but we can practice it in the house church setting.

5. God has come to this world to save us from our sins and make us his family members. Christians are all part of the family of God. What better way to reflect this than in a house church?

6.  A house church is good for the kids and also new, young disciples to grow. In larger settings it is not easy to see how the more mature Christians are co-working to build up the church, for much of what we see is done behind the scenes. But in the house church we can see all that is happening. The kids can learn and participate. We adults can teach by example.

7.  There are many opportunities to serve. Jesus came to this world to serve sinners, like myself. In a house church setting, we can not just blend in with the crowd, but we all take a practical part in serving others.

8.  Jesus made himself vulnerable. He had all the glory and power and majesty of the Kingdom of Heaven. But taking the very nature of a man, He humbled himself. He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. He submitted to crucifixion. He made himself vulnerable. In a house church setting we can practice becoming vulnerable in an effort to touch the hearts of others with the love of God.

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