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World Mission

Matthew 28:18-20, “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Christian life, when we are engaged in mission, is an adventurous journey…click here for video

It is a privilege to carry the great message of the Gospel to hard to reach people groups. (To Every Tribe Open House Video 2015)



Link to “To Every Tribe” in PNG 3-25-13   World Mission Category

Praying for the First Nation Peoples of NW Ontario Canada

Kevin’s trip to NE  African Summer Bible Conference in Kampala Uganda 8-1 to 8-9-12

The Engage Program for Fall 2013 at KBC  Link to Missionary Section

William Carey’s Eleven Commandments of Mission

Prayer is most important activity in missions


Categories:   Prayer   Prayer in a group  Prayer in schools  Prayer journeys Prayer for all occasins

Family ministry prayer topics

God works through Koinina, conversation and prayer  (Article)

Articles and Videos



5 Myths About The Great Commission 1-6-15

Missionary Paternalism: The Ultimate Peril of Mission. Lee.  2012

Bearing fruit requires repentance…deep repentance Kevin E. Jesmer 2-9-15

Building a team:


Link to page concerning building a missionary support team     Missionary team category

The link to posts on teamwork   Some basics on building a team    serving on a multi-generational mission

Quotes Concerning Missionary Support Teams (compiled 2015)

“The Radicals Who Stay” by Trevor H0lloway 2014

Pointers on building relationships on a missionary team 10-16-17


Link to the “Networking” category  

Nurturing Relationships Is A “Must” For Any Missionary – A Series of Essays by Kevin E. Jesmer (2015-2016)

How to build a team (Exodus 4) 9-28-14

Ways missionaries can nurture relationships with the secular world 12-28-15

The sacred and the secular: can the two co-operate in mission? 

The ministry of networking: Message delivered in Morden MB 7-10-16

Church Planting: 


Links to the following categories:   church planting,  church, church life, church finances, outreach, parachurch, elders

People must feel that a church plant is an original work within their own culture-quotes

The DNA of the church

College Ministry:

college ministry

Categories:  Student Life  College ministry Campus ministry   Campus living  Campus visits

Watch this excellent six-minute video put together by the CROSS Conference, The History of Student Missions:

Community Life: 

building christian community

Four signs of a healthy community-book review 10-5-15

God wants to work through a board of elders 3-31-16

The “Elders” section

Discipling others: 


Being a world Christian – three power points to aid in your presentation. 

The Navigator’s Wheel of discipleship     The Pauline Cycle

Art Of Marriage Category  Overcoming Cultural Dissonance in Mission

Orlando School of Storying      Discipleship

What to Expect with new mission ideas in the church- innovation Adoption lifecycle


family time

Family, Family of faith, family vacation,

Funding Mission:


Link to “Fundraising”  and “Debt” categories.

Setting Missionaries free from Student Loan Debt

A Comparison Between Tent Maker and Donor Fundraising Models

Financial Stability For Longevity On The Mission Field  


How to support a missionary on furlough.

House Church Ministry:

house church

House Church Resources from CFonCM

Recapturing the art of hospitality (Making your home a place of discipleship) (12 min video) 

Links to House Church related materials  Link to hospitality related articles   Link to house church related articles-2

 Link to article about serving    Links to articles about home  Link to articles about home groups     Link to house church lectures and questions

International Ministry: 

international Network of Nations (Ministry to International Students) Overcoming Cultural Dissonance in Mission

Language Acquisition training (Mission Training International)

Seven Lies of Living Cross Culturally 4-1-15

The Cultural Iceberg and the Gospel 

Longevity In The Mission: 

long term missionaries

Links to categories:   Longevity in the mission, Self denial,

Missionaries work within systems 5-19-15    A missionary must be able to self feed on the Word of God

Strong Missionary Families needed for Longevity in Mission

Church movements that have a lasting global impact 3-5-15 Kevin E. Jesmer

Missional Church:

The “Missional Church” category

What it means for a church to be missional -Alan Hirsch 2012

Interview about discipleship lived out in the church, home and life 1-6-15

How to be missional in the summer. A list with links to articles. 6-1-16

Suggestions about discipleship in the church 2016

Missionary Growth and Development:

It takes more that money, time and availability to be a missionary

Missionaries work within systems 5-19-15    A missionary must be able to self feed on the Word of God

Understanding Different Roles In Building Up A Church

Nurturing Relationships Is A “Must” For Any Missionary Endeavor- An Essay Series 

The Missionary Path

A good example of a “Person of Peace” from the movie, “The Mission”. It is “Gabriel’s Oboe” and the person of peace is the Native person who offerings to fix the obe and take the Jesuit missionary by the hand.

Public Service:

hands for public service

Feed My Starving Children   Video of their work (with local girl)

Reaching Out:

      To Millennials


Reaching Millenials     “Reaching Out To Millennials” Links-a resource


Shepherding The Flock of God:


Links to related categories  (on shepherding)

Link to articles on Christian Leadership

Life Transformation Groups  LTG’s (2015) 


Missionary Testimonies:

C.T. Studd – a short testimony and powerful quotes 

Video testimonies of various missionaries 

Videos of missionary couples


Steps to Peace with God.  Power Point for Steps to Peace with God

Writing a life testimony





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