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In a small house church we wonder how we can help our children to receive a proper education without being corrupted by this world’s philosophies and value systems and the “idols” of our culture. Some send their kids to Christian schools and some home school their children. We opted to keep our kids in the secular school system. I believe that if the spiritual life in the home is vibrant and the word of God is being taught on daily basis,  and if the kids see their parents living a Christian life, then the kids are more likely to follow suit.  (We have daily devotionals together and 1:1 Bible study as well as Bible students coming to our home.) There are benefits to keeping the kids in the public school system. They receive educational resources that we could never provide, like sports, like the music program such as choir and the A Capella team.  The kids learn to “navigate” their relationships among those who do not believe. They learn how to communicate to the hearts of this new generation, and if they choose to be servants of the Gospel then they will have the tools needed to share the words of God in meaningful ways. I really like the A Capella group. My kids are receiving excellent musical training and our small house church has benefited greatly from their musical gifts. I would advice Christian families in small house churches to utilize the resources that are available to them, even in the secular realm, as long as they maintain a strong Christian influence in their home. And so this page is dedicated to the High School A Capella group. Enjoy!

enharmonic fusion spaghetti fundraiser 4-15-12

2012 ICHSA  Midwest Competition Waiting for the end to come

2012 ICHS Midwest Competition Hollywood

2012 ICHS Midwest Competition : My Heart (Jenn is doing a solo)

Enharmonic fusion singing in a deli in New York 4-2012

Video of Enharmonic Fusion’s trip to New York 2012

Video of Enharmonic Fusion at the Nationals in New York 2012

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