Volunteer Activities for Small House Churches

Small house churches may wonder how they can get involved in the community and do some community outreach. With a small house church it is hard to gather the inspiration to do something together. There may not be enough people. The kids may be more interested in spending time with their non-Christian friends. But that does not mean that a single family house church can not do anything. There are ways to get involved and serve the community with others, even teaming up with secular organizations. We can learn something from secular organizations. They know how to gain the peoples’ interest. They have fervor to do something good. They attract people.      They are “cool” to be part of.  They are not averse to working with Christians,  in fact Christians may be making up the bulk of their workforce. The problem is  that as a house church ministry we must never loose our focus by doing all kinds of volunteer activities. We must always focus on knowing Jesus, and preaching the Gospel and loving one another. We must never neglect Bible study and the ministry of the Word of God.  We need to find the proper balance between spiritual disciplines and serving in the community and loving our neighbor as ourselves.

Local Soup Kitchens

Feed ’em soup web site

Video of what Feed ‘Em Soup does from Fox 39 T.V. station 

Earth Day Celebrations

River Clean Up

Work together with other churches

DeKalb Christian Church- monthly Open Mic Night

Praizapallooza Christian Music Festival

Marathons and Fundraising walks

Join a 5 K run

Cancer walks

School Volunteering

Reading and Singing in Nursing Homes

barbershop singing

Join Mission Trips in other churches

Be  a Big Brother or  a Big Sister

Organize a food drive

Donate blood







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