High School Baccalaureates

DeKalb High School (Illinois) Baccalaureate Class of 2012   6/3/12

For those who think that separation of church and state has halted Christian activity on public school campus’ in America, you should have been at tonight’s baccalaureate. 15% of the  grad class and 300+ attendees, 6 pastors, three sermons, two testimonials (one by the principal himself) and lots of hymns and Bible readings and prayer in Jesus’ name.  That’s one of the greatest reasons why I love America.

Part 1:  (21 min) Processional, Welcome and prayer (Pastor #Jerry Wright#. The Rock Christian church. Responsive reading. Hymn: “Be Though my vision”. Testimonials. (one is the principal’s) Part one of Baccalaureate 2012

Part 2:  (14 min) “A Simple Song” sung by #Harrison H#.  3 scripture readings. Sermon by Pastor #Jen Zerby”. Hillcrest Covenant Church. Part 2 of Baccalaureate 2012

Part 3: (21 min) Hymn “On Eagles’ Wings”. 3 Scripture readings. Sermon by Pastor #Joseph Mitchell# New Hope MBC.   DeKalb HS Choir piece. Closing Prayer by #Eric Massey# Glad Tidings Church. Benediction prayer by Pastor #Ray Krueger# Immanuel Lutheran.  Recessional piano piece by #Mr. Erickson.# Part 3 of Baccalaureate 2012

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