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Definition of House Church

Definition of a simple house church. (from The Church at Home)

Wikipedia definition of house church 

Definition of house church.  (from The (H)ouse (C)hurch project (What is an organic church?)

Definition of House church.  By Will of God ministries

Articles On House Church Ministry

“House Churches Past And Present”  by Dr Ruth Tucker

“Why I Enjoy Leading A House Church In UBF Ministry” by Kevin Jesmer

“Why I Like Having Fellowship With UBF Missionaries” by Kevin Jesmer

“Why House Church ministry” by Kevin Jesmer 

Wikipedia article about House churches

“House Churches Keep Worship Small and Friendly” USA Today 7/22/2010    An article and web site on what a missional church is.

A Christian wonders about the house church.  A letter to Dr. John Armstrong

The House Church Phenomenon. Dr John Armstrong 1/12/2010

New Testament House Churches: A Model For Today’s World-article

Got  a stressful job-a good spouse helps-article

One House Churches Struggle reflects after serving 5 years in Costa Rica 5/12

Elements of a healthy small church- and the hidden agenda that can kill it 7-12-13

Image of a household of faith. By Dr John Armstrong 7-15-16

 Videos about House Church  Ministry

House Church pastor from an Asian country: an interview (16 min)

An American House Church in Chad  (Vimeo 3 min)

What is a simple church?    A video on the house church movement

Unreached people groups.  6 videos. (Only house churches can do this work.)

Bible Material On House Church Ministry

Question Sheets For House Church Bible Studies

Messages For House Church Bible studies

What Ever Happened to Series?  Studies of families in the Bible

Devotionals, messages, articles compiled in the blog concerning house churches.


House Church Ministries and Web Sites

University Bible Fellowship

House Church Registry: House Church Network

House Church Resource

Christian Family On Christ’s  :The Jesmer Family House Church

Church In The Home

House Church Central: resources and theology : Simple church resources

New     Lot’s of links to house church related sites.





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